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Why Energy Work Heals

In the holistic healing world, energy work means the laying on of hands. This is an ancient spiritual practice mentioned in the scriptures of every religion throughout the ages. How this simple act of touching another, with intention, works has been as mysterious as disease itself. In the past it was thought that only kings and queens could assist healing by a touch. As religion grew in popularity, people then believed only priests and holy men could channel the healing powers of the Divine. In modern times we recognize that lay people can study and perfect the act of healing with their hands. Today the practice is more commonly known as energy work. With over 100 different modalities to choose from, how can the simple action of touch heal?

Healing is a process. Sometimes it occurs in an instant. And when it does, we call the healing miraculous. More often than not, healing occurs over a period of time. But whenever it happens, the precious act of touching another ignites the human energy system, and stimulates consciousness; the true healer of life.

The movement of energy, present in all things, including human anatomy and physiology, is the main goal of energy work. Energy moves in and out of the body in relationship to your awareness of personal emotions. Most people avoid feeling their feelings and hence the energy particles meant to circulate freely throughout the body stagnate. As energy slows, it can zap vitality from cells, tissue, bones, and vital organs causing an increasing risk of disease.

The human body has thousands of powerful etheric energy transmitters called chakras. Their job is to release the sluggish energy and receive more powerful vitality in to the body. Each of these body centers governs a specific area of human life and hence the emotions that could be connected to them. For example; the first chakra presides over the emotions we have about our childhood. If one refuses to look at the sad or maddening times during this transformative time period, then certain areas of the body could be at risk for health issues.

Fortunately there are medium-sized chakras (the only medium-sized energy centers in the body) in the palm of the each hand. They act as powerful vortexes that can instantly move energy particles and release stagnation. Sometimes we don’t know what emotions have been hidden in the body. The simple act of touching another can dislodge the energy that may have been blocking feelings, and ultimately bring awareness of them to the surface. This is one of the many reasons why resting hands on another can generate healing.

The emotional well being of the healer is also an important component to releasing non-vital particles. If the healers perceive lives in an authentic, grateful way, there is a better chance of flowing powerful energy throughout their own body; enhancing movement of healthy energy into those they touch. This requires healers to be very aware of their life circumstances. They need to maintain a natural connection to guidance that empowers them as individuals rather than connect to self-loathing thoughts and feelings, which will slow down their energy and leave them at risk for disease.

If a healer has curiosity and love for energy medicine, it can also create huge openings in their own energy system and dramatic shifts of light in the body of those they touch. This reminds us again that worry and stress only stagnate vitality and help no one.

While teaching Reiki workshops, I have witnessed countless times, the healing power of a beginner. Their pure curiosity and absence of fear creates a great catalyst for moving particles in the body, mind, and ultimately the spirit.


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