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Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment  

Life is always changing. Even if you think life is holding still, trillions of particles are forming new patterns, giving you new opportunities and enticing you to change. One way to encourage new pathways of opportunity is to make changes to your normal routine – like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Or simply focus your attention, when you’re driving in your neighborhood on something new. Any shift in perception in your consciousness creates opportunity for shifts in the unconscious, and ultimately needed change.

Energy Pulse

Tonight when you’re laying in bed (or sometime this week) ask your being if there is an area in your body that could use self-healing. When you receive an awareness of the location on your body that would enjoy energy work rub your hands together quickly. This will cleanse the healing chakras in the center of your palms of any stagnant energy. When your hands feel warm, gently place them near or on the area you were drawn to. Rest them there for several minutes. Allow your awareness to be available to any messages that may arise from the energy exchange that could enhance healing.

April 1

Why Energy Work Heals


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April 1

Ask Marie – April 2013


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