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Energy Medicine

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Science has taught us that everything in the
is made out of energy.

Even the words you’re reading right now are made of sub atomic particles—electrons and protons—which are continually in motion. Since everything in the universe is energy, then your organs, blood, bones and every cell in your body are, too.

Essentially, we are beings of light, and it is our light that maintains our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Energy Medicine is a general term used to describe a wide and ever changing field of holistic healing, based on working with the human energy system to help heal disease. The vitality of human energy can be accessed through the chakra system. Chakras are spinning energy centers located within the subtle energy field of the human body. They function as receivers and transmitters of life force energy. There are seven primary chakras aligned in a vertical column from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head. They form the main centers of a system that contains thousands of smaller energy points. This complex circuitry holds within it the keys to our evolution and “whole-ness.” The term chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc. Descriptions of the chakras first appeared in the Vedas, ancient spiritual texts dating back to 2,000 B.C.

When energy is stagnant, or barely moving, disease can set into the body. An energy medicine practitioner can identify the stagnant area, release it, and allow vital energy to move in the physical body and begin the healing process.

Click on the buttons below to receive a full color PDF of the chakras, and chakra exercises for adults and children. These exercises can positively change energy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) within seconds. They release stagnant energy from a chakra and its surrounding anatomical area while increasing vital energy flowing into the body. Some of these exercises take very little time, approximately one minute each.

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