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Ask Marie – April 2013

Have a question for Marie? She answers questions written into her website inher quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie is able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met the person. Only first names will be used and other identifying qualifiers will be changed to create anonymity.

Thank you as always for writing into my quarterly newsletter! It’s a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions. I trust the information will be helpful or lead you to a healthy resolution!

Dear Marie,

I am a firm believer in the power of intention and the concept of believing that if you want something, you need to believe it is already yours in order make it a reality. I have been looking for a new job for a few months now & have come close twice but have not been hired yet. Both times that I came close, I meditated on it everyday; believing the job was already mine, visualized me driving to the office location everyday, planning what I will bring to my new workspace to personalize it, etc. I did not end up getting either job, which makes the “mental/emotional fall” of the loss that much harder to take & deal with. Can you please provide me with a few pointers to soften the blow when that happens?  

Many Thanks!

Dear Kacey,

I’m picking up on a few things about your future work. The first awareness is that your energy expresses loudly that you really don’t want to work at all. You seem tired by the demands of a busy job and following the lead of another, like a boss. On top of this fervent genuine feeling there is an equally strong lack of self-confidence about what you deserve in the work environment to be truly fulfilled. To move past these obstacles it will be important to recognize the real feeling of not wanting to return to the work force. Spend time with the second chakra, where sincere feelings dwell, and explore ways to sooth your desires vs. the financial necessity to work. When you access the authentic emotions express your compassion to them and your willingness to do whatever it takes to secure employment that feeds your soul. The agreement may help reduce the stress of potentially working in an unsatisfied employment, which will help you to get the best job possible. The second part would be to practice repeating self-affirming affirmations regularly. They don’t have to be related to work, only general.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dear Marie,

My friend has relapsed (heroin and narcotics) and is on hiatus from work again. He’s not only at risk of losing his job but is also suicidal. I used to live with him for 3 years; we met through a roommate-wanted ad and became fast friends. When we were roomies, he seemed to have contentedness and joy in his life. He has always been a little edgy. Some of that is cultural – musician, artsy type and a second son of troubled and abusive parents who have both died. His older brother has also attempted suicide at least a few times.

This past summer he tried to overdose on pills twice. He ended up at the hospital after the first attempt during the summer and convinced them he was not suicidal. He left me a suicide note, which I found in his bedroom. He tried again a couple of days after that but says he only fell asleep for a long period of time. He also informed me that he has tried to commit suicide in the past many times.

He has gone up and down since this summer and seems to be living in a private hell. I feel like I’ve done ok at being clear with him that I love him and want him to find something like joy or contentment or a reason to live. I’m clear it’s not my fault and I have been able to be really honest with him. Our other friend is also reaching out to him a lot. He doesn’t have a lot of friends. He seems pretty determined to keep attempting to die by overdosing and falling asleep and not waking up. I am also a little afraid he might come to my job looking for me when he is under the influence. This seems like it might be an irrational fear, what do you think? He is a good, good person and before this, had great attention for me and was a great person to have a conversation with. He had passion for social issues, politics, and music. That has disappeared. 

I am wondering what you think about suicide in general and my friend in particular.

Thank you so much


Dear Karen,

I know this is a difficult situation. I’m sorry about your friend’s immense depression and fear of living a happy life. He clearly needs therapy and most likely an anti-depressant, which would work to balance his chemistry. As an adult, and because he is not a threat to others, he will have to reach out for therapy himself. If he hasn’t done that many times, there is very little one can do to help someone who is refusing to help themselves. He is a bright man who knows intellectually what he needs to change the discomfort in his life.

As his friend remind him that you’re available to help him help himself. You could transport him to therapy sessions, or pick up necessary prescriptions to balance his mood. When it comes to spending time with him you will need to ask yourself if hanging with him is in your best interest. Are you stressed when you spend time together? Are you feeling overly responsible because his physical life is in jeopardy? I know you wrote that you are not, but I feel something differently. I think most people would feel a need to care for a dear friend who is teetering on the edge of suicide. Most people who really want to commit suicide do. And many are very quiet about their plans. However, every being is different so there is not anyway we can know for sure if he will eventually carry out his threats.

One way you could be proactively help him would be to find a therapist in his area that you have researched and believe would be a good fit for him. Even if he decided not to go, you can feel that you have provided the best opportunity to truly help him. Not just for this moment of crises, but for his future happiness. As for my thoughts on suicide, I believe every death is a form of suicide. No one leaves this world until it is their time, as each death is an unconscious (and sometimes conscious) choice made with the soul.

Sending love to you both!

Dear Marie,

I have a two-part query, one about me and one about my mother. I have been experiencing chronic candida for almost two years now, along with excessive sweating. I’ve tried some treatments that help temporarily (and I know I should reread and re-implement things from Donna Gates’s Body Ecology book, too). I was just wondering if there is maybe some emotional or chakra work I can do to help this, because it feels like it is quietly ruining my life, as it feels me with shame and keeps me from doing certain activities and being close with people. Can you help?

The second (and more important) query I have for you is about my mother. I know she is worried about getting Alzheimer’s, and she has health, weight, and shame issues of her own. Do you have any suggestions to help her start healing inside and out, and be happier? She has been an angel to me in very dark times, and I do sense she is being watched over. But I want her to feel a lot better, and also for her to connect with something creative, and spiritual, as I believe (from what others have told her), that she is a healer in her own right. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank again! I love your work and your program.

Dear Nicole,

You and your mom have such lovely energy. Thank you for being kind and caring beings on the planet! The third chakra oversees the immune system. Both you and your mom have many emotions that don’t support your worth, and it’s affecting the immune health.  I think the two of you can work together to change a very old family pattern. I would like each of you to sit down and write down all the wonderful things you feel to be true about the other. Then trade lists and read the notes out loud everyday for four months. The love that you share is so powerful and true, that expressing what each of your souls see in the other will allow much of your magnificence out and into the world while healing your immune system.

Wishing you both the best!

Dear Marie,

I just recently discovered you via my new massage therapist. I know I was meant to find you both. I have been a school counselor for the past 15 years. I really love my job; it suits me so well!  But I also recently became a certified life coach. My ultimate goal is to transition to being self-employed and taking early retirement so I can write and travel with my husband while also doing what I love. I am currently writing a personal growth program, which incorporates all the things that have worked for me. I am very excited about presenting at a workshop in February and developing a program that will benefit others. However, I am trying to figure out how to balance the two things.

I have recently been very sick with bronchitis and it’s really been hanging on. I’m wondering if trying to balance both jobs has created conflict in my energy field and caused me to be sick. 

I really appreciate any insight or direction you can provide for me.  

Thanks you so very much.

Dear Nancy,

Congratulations on discovering what brings joy into your life! Bronchitis is energetically connected to the heart chakra, and the needed emotional freedom is about receiving, at least in your situation. Fear is a powerful contractor of energy. When I’m in your heart chakra the fear of failure is over whelming. Working as a self-employed person, even though this is a heart’s desire, brings up a lot of distress that this dream is not realistic and therefore not possible. Emotions are linked to the second layer of the auric field and are authentically accessed through the second chakra. Spend time sitting there and listening to your real fears. Become friends with them and comfort these emotions. Then come up with a plan that you can communicate to the fear so that it will either release, never to come back again, or quiet down so that you can notice a clear path towards your destiny!

Wishing you great success!

Dear Marie,

I have a problem with elimination. This all seemed to start after a ton of vaccinations preceding a trip to Asia. My entire system changed and my health declined significantly. Since then, about 20 years ago, I struggle to eliminate. I used to have diarrhea alternating with constipation, now I just stools that are hard, dry, balls every day or two at different times. And I have tons of gas. It is very uncomfortable and very frustrating. I don’t even remember what it is like to just get up and got to the bathroom normally each day.

I eat incredibly healthy and exercise. I have tried homeopathy, acupuncture, allergy elimination, food rotation diets, other special diets, therapy, shamanism, affirmations, visualization, relaxation, yoga and a slew of other things but nothing helps permanently. I have noticed that if I have a big emotional release, then sometimes it is better for a couple of days before things shut down again.

Can you help shed some light on what is going on and how to heal myself? 

Thanks much.

Dear Leslie,

I’m so sorry about your physical discomfort. The colon, where stool hangs out before we release it from the body, is energetically about letting go, and connected to the first chakra. You are, from my intuitive reading, a very determined person. Willing to go at great lengths to heal or change anything that is in your way. This is a great energy to carry on planet earth, but like all things balance is key. When we have tried EVERYTHING, then there is only one thing left to do. Let go. Stop searching, and accept what is happening. This advice may seem counter intuitive but the art of surrender is an intestinal lesson; one I think you have yet to master. As people let go and accept what is, they learn to embrace the one thing that was unacceptable. If the feelings are authentic (which can take a while), the seas part, symbolically speaking, and new ideas magically arrive that heal.

I can only imagine that your being wants to learn to let go and is supporting your soul’s desire in the best possible way for your awareness.


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