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2010, 2011, and 2012… What Does it All Mean?

Welcome to the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new era as we merge into the magical energy of 2011! Eleven is an enchanting number and its magic is here to help us get ready for the changes coming in 2012. I think we are all in for a treat.
The number 11 is associated with synchronicities. Many believe it has magical powers auspiciously signaling spirit to our side. With the charm of the number 11 in our immediate future you can expect:

– Increased health

– Happier relationships

– The economy to initiate real positive change

– Upbeat world trends-perhaps encouraging global temperatures

– To feel divinely guided

– Good news from family and friends

– Synchronistic encounters

After reading the above, saying goodbye to 2010 may sound like an enormous relief. 2010 will be characterized as a very different animal than 2011. This past year we have been learning the true meaning of integrity. On a large scale we have seen many images of poor integrity playing out in the media. We watched a mortgage industry crumble. And most recently the oil companies demise of our precious wildlife. It’s pretty clear that we need to trust ourselves not large corporations whom have no desire to protect the public’s interest or their own in the long run.

Closer to home you may have run into your own personal integrity lessons. I cannot tell you how many clients were elated to be laid off from their jobs! They wanted the income the job generated, but didn’t enjoy what they were doing. Integrity is not about money or security it’s about being a part of something you believe in. Something you desire to connect with. Whether it is a job, a relationship or a hobby, integrity is required to exist in all of our lives. Its purpose is to make an impact in our personal growth and the health and well being of our world.

For those of you who chose integrity over this past year, thank you! I know it wasn’t easy. Choosing integrity doesn’t reward immediately. It takes more time than the quick fix, but the rewards are endless. That is why 2011 will be so special.

Corporations may not make any huge changes, but they will have plenty of opportunities to do so, as will you. The next phase, as we approach 2012, is about putting the choices you have made into action. With the deep insight of the number 11 at your side it will help you navigate your authentic choice. And you will have all the intuitive help you’ll need next year. Stay alert. Feel instead of think. And listen to the wise voice within.

The energy of 2011 is preparing us for the opening trends of 2012. These adventures will help many people awaken who have yet to experience the pleasure of knowing one’s self. This is one of the reasons why you are being guided to live an authentic life. In 2012, many people will begin to realize the illusions of their life and ultimately realize that they have the power to change. Their subconscious will guide them to those who have experienced what they are now living.

Let’s be available to assist mankind in 2012, so all can be thrilled to be here!

All my love!


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