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The Year of Expansion and Letting Go

Contraction and expansion simultaneously flow in the world of energetic molecules.

Imagine the truth of the atomic world; electrons and protons circling your universe in an invisible hush of energetic flurry, creating everything in its wake. When subatomic particles constrict, our view narrows, allowing for clarity about where to go and how far to reach. After the constriction, we expand into a momentum of flowing energy, unleashing a new, exciting and satisfying version of life.

You may have experienced this “in and out” movement, perhaps leaving you temporarily confused about where to go or what to do next. When we are in contraction mode, it can feel as if the night skies forgot to let the sun rise each morning. Collectively, the last few years may have felt as if we’ve been sitting in suspended pressure.

Expansion and contraction are evident in each astonishing, Universal moment. For example, stars can take millions of years to die (contract). During the dying process, a star burns off its hydrogen fuel, and then expands, resembling a glowing, brilliant giant. This type of celestial death and rebirth keep the heavens unique and magical.

When the conditions of your life (or the world) feel like they have drastically changed, consider that some of your old energy (or the Earth’s old energy) is dying off, temporarily blinding you to the unforeseen future and protecting you from information your consciousness can’t yet interpret. This is normal in the expansive cycle of the Universe and also normal within you.

Astrologically speaking, we have recently moved into a time of expansion. The powerful and beneficial planet of Jupiter has moved into the astrological sign of Sagittarius; the most opportune placement for this gift-giving planet. Because we are now in the phase of unfolding, supported with Jupiter’s once in every 12 year movement into Sagittarius, we can determine with complete confidence that collectively we have just finished a time of diminished subatomic partial mass. This is typically a challenging time.

When times have been challenging, especially in concert with one another, we may have forgotten how to return to expansion. This returning requires a regular focus on all the good around us, while disconnecting from the contraction that may have nothing to do with our individuality. Creating a divine existence full of happiness requires a realignment that may need recalibrating throughout the day. Avoiding news and other negative outlets is highly advantageous.

In this upcoming year of expansion…throughout 2019…even though problems still exist throughout the world and perhaps closer to home as well, you will need to find ways to provide peace in your being. The Universe is in expansive momentum and building its energy throughout the next year. Letting go of fear, negativity, and disappointment will enhance the momentum. Take advantage of this energy muscle, as much as possible, to naturally release old outdated beliefs. This is especially important for older souls, who’s higher self is constantly asking for the relinquishing of resistance. In other words, please, let go!

Younger souls are constantly being asked by their higher self to become compassionate. Most old souls are extremely compassionate, but because they easily feel the lack of it on this planet, they typically overwork to balance this uncomfortable discrepancy. This act is unnecessary. Younger souls need as many opportunities to learn the art of compassion so their souls may advance. Letting go allows the old soul to focus on loving themselves, and self-love is the highest octave of God consciousness.

Letting go is the strongest spiritual act one will accomplish while in physical form. It is the truest form of expansion. To help you utilize the power of 2019, here is one of my favorite what if questions: “What if I surrender to the solution?”

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