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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment

Our world is changing. And, no, I don’t mean it’s going backwards. The Earth is moving forward! We live closer than we ever have before, and even in this close proximity, we are less violent then any other documented time. 2020 will usher in the true Aquarian age. Popular music would lead you to believe that the Aquarian age inhabited the free hippy years of the sixties, but that powerful time period was a practice run to the authentic event beginning in just about a year. Can you allow yourself to feel an awareness of the humanitarian vibration that is beginning to slip into our world? This would be a powerful experience for anyone. Holding this type of energy will naturally assist an individual’s vibration, while also broadcasting a philanthropic frequency into the world. During this holiday season, especially after watching a classic holiday movie, hold onto the love you feel and send it out into the world!

Energy Pulse 

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body, your skin being the largest. It could be considered the organ of expansion. It detoxifies all the stuff your body doesn’t want and, at the same time, creates cholesterol and several important nutrients to aid your brain in healthy functioning. To bolster the healthy activities of the liver, try this ancient Tibetan meditation three times a week.

The Buddha’s Smiling Meditation
Rest in your favorite meditation position.
Place a smile on your face.
Maintain the smile throughout this mindful time.

The smile will naturally feed positive energy to your liver and immune system. Wisdom, and an alignment to your higher self, will also ensue!

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