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Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; it initiates the start to our holiday season here in the US. There is another reason why I love October 31st so much – the veil between worlds thins on this magical day! This year the thinning of the veil is double special due to a total solar eclipse in Scorpio, on November 3rd. For psychics, intuitives, and mediums, the veil is always thin.  When the veil thins on October 31st it’s easier to see, hear, and feel beyond our world, no matter who you are! Eclipses bring light into the darkness, illuminating useful information. With both of these magical days so close together, the opportunity to tune into cosmic energy is beyond the beyond!

Energy Pulse

Autumn Infrared Willow

It doesn’t matter what you’re feeling negative about – global warming, chemical warfare, or the state of national health insurance. Even if you’re negative feelings are closer to home – difficult relationships, health or money problems – negative thinking is nonproductive and will only attract more undesired circumstances. If you really want to help change our world, or your life begin by altering your thoughts and emotions.


October 18

I’m Here, Can’t You Feel Me?


If you have a loved one who has crossed over to the Otherside you might be wondering where they are. Usually, when a human becomes curious to experience a loved one now living in another dimension, their loved one is …

October 18

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


Mystic Moment ~ Angels are beings of light who are experts at holding energy for the human race. Their expert ability is to hold mighty energy that is drenched in emotional neutrality. Holding high vibrational energy in a general frequency …