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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

Angels are beings of light who are experts at holding energy for the human race. Their expert ability is to hold mighty energy that is drenched in emotional neutrality. Holding high vibrational energy in a general frequency is exquisitely powerful. Angels show the human that they are supporting, subconsciously, that whatever one chooses is perfect. Angels know that true power is unique and that all souls precisely know what is in their highest good. Their angelic energy can propel a soul to align to whatever is in their highest good. Angels arrive when humanity most needs them. During a natural disaster, criminal events, or war just to name a few. Sometimes their numbers reach into the millions as they hold space and command unconditional love for many human beings who are experiencing a human perceived tragedy.

Angels also arrive during happy moments to remind the human being or beings that alignment is necessary to advance one’s awareness. These nudges that angels provide by increasing one’s bliss or contentment are to remind the human where and how one can align to their higherself. Acquainting oneself to the truth of these visits will assist the human to reproduce powerful moments of remembering their true individualized self.

Energy Pulse ~


Learning how to ask a question from your higherself, a spirit guide, creation or the Universe (whichever energy brings you joy) requires that you become neutral. Not only the language you use, but also detaching your mind from logical thinking. As if the answer could be something so unique you are willing to let go and simply ask without needing to know the answer. It is this type of detachment that leads to the vibration of nothingness where all desired solutions exist.

October 18

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October 18

Ask Marie


  Hi Marie, Why am I able to do for others but not myself? I am a registered nurse, medical intuitive, Reiki Master and empath. I do Reiki self-treatments fairly regularly. I cannot however get details about my guides, drop …