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Energy Healing: What Is Its Purpose?

As an energy healer I have the extreme pleasure of meeting a variety of unique individuals everyday. Much of the time I meet courageous people who are facing incredibly difficult choices, like: Should I undergo chemotherapy? How many gamma knife treatments are too many? Should I have my reproductive organs removed? Treating clients with serious health concerns is complicated, but this is not the only type of client that I see. Devastating emotional issues are also common among my clients—suicide of one’s partner, complete abandonment of family members, the loss of a life long career, or someone facing financial ruin.

iStock_000009691088XSmallAs you can imagine, I’m not typically the first person that an individual consults when dealing with these aforementioned issues. By the time my clients reach me, most have already consulted their physicians, naturopathic doctors, surgeons, therapists, accountants, etc. For the most part this comforts me and I become grateful for the advice, support, and healing other modalities offer. Other times, if health conditions have diminished quickly because only traditional modalities were pursued, then I wish clients had sought energetic treatments sooner.  Still, I’m a firm believer that it may take a village to make someone realize the healing power of their own alchemy.

So what could a healer possibly provide when specialists have given their highly educated opinions, prognoses, and modern medicines?

What healers do differently is listen intuitively to what a person’s mind, body, and spirit is authentically communicating. In doing so, we provide an opportunity for the individual to give their attention to their own magnificence intelligence. This brilliance lives inside each of us. Shifting energy breaks away patterns, and allows everything to become anew. Within the birth of new energy anything is possible, even healing from a difficult disease.

A few years ago, when things were a little more challenging economically for our nation, a client arrived for her scheduled biannual session. When I opened the door, I looked at her physical demeanor. Asking myself, perhaps as I did when working as a nurse, how is this person presenting today? Does she appear healthy, happy, and at peace? I ask these questions, almost unconsciously and out of curiosity. Mostly because I love the human race and find everything about them (us) fascinating. But also, this type of questioning allows for further inspection on an intuitive level. Something that may be hidden will undoubtedly arrive when my curious and unconditional nature inquires with love and care.

As I gazed at her aura, I noticed right away a type of celebration—a quickening of the subatomic particles that surrounded her. As I looked at the client in observation—Did she finally meet a great partner? I realized immediately that the metaphor of champagne bubbles dancing in her aura was not about romance. In that moment I had no idea what was so fantastically swaying in her life.  So I asked, “How are you?” She replied in a flat effect, “I was laid off from work today.” I replied in a very chipper authentic tone matching the rhythm of the auric bubbles—“Congratulations!” Her face lit up with surprise and equal revel, complimenting the bubbly. “Thank you,” she said. “You are the first person to congratulate me. It’s been a really hard day because everyone is so sad and worried for me, yet I feel relieved and happy! I’m grateful that I had a job, but I stopped enjoying it a long time ago.”

I often think back to this moment; celebrating something society tells us to fear, with great appreciation. The client was able to keep her energy towards her true energetic intelligence for a while; but when a new job didn’t show up after 6 months, she began to go down the slippery, dreaded, tunnel of fear. Each time she came in for a session during her unemployment I had to remind her of what her body felt. “Why are you so emotionally distressed? Your body is happy, and your energy is still making merry. I’m assuming that financially everything is good.” “Yes, I have enough money,” she said. “You sound surprised?” I said. “Well, yes I tried to imagine what could happen if I didn’t have enough, but I’m having no problem paying my mortgage. I don’t really understand it, perhaps I’m better at managing my funds than I thought?” “I’m sure you are, and how are you feeling about all the free time you now have?” I asked. Instantly, I felt excitement in her auric field. “I love it. I get up when I want, walk, read or relax when I need to. I’m free to have spontaneous time with my friends. It’s a real luxury. I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

I went on to explain to her then and on subsequent visits, that her body loved the time off, and most likely needed it. Perhaps the ease of her new lifestyle worked as a preventive remedy—warding off any potential health issue. Each time she visited I would remove the scared energy of financial ruin that was not happening, return her to the present, and remind her that she was on the right path. The energy sessions would stay with her for a long while and assist her from aligning to friends and family who terrified her by their worries. Most people work jobs that they feel an aversion too, but never quit their jobs out of fear. The animosity that builds in the body, mind, and spirit from doing something everyday, all day long, that’s unfulfilling could potentially lead to physical disease.  Most often this leads to exhaustion, which makes it difficult to choose healthy activities when not at work.

This client was out of work for two years. During that time she was able to identify what truly brought her joy. When the perfect job showed up (and it did), she was able to recognize its potential and claim it as her own. To be able to know what is in the best and highest good for your whole being is priceless.

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