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What is Amanda Knox’s Karma?

When headlines broke of Amanda Knox’s connection to murder abroad, I wondered what karmic lessons this young woman from Seattle was healing on the public stage of the 21st century.

The word karma usually invokes fear in the minds of most people. But, it literally means the balancing of events. Karma is the end result of all things. Events that we consider to be good in our lives and the things we consider to be bad. Every action you take, word you utter, and the thoughts you think, create an end result.  No one can avoid karma – it is an everyday occurrence.

Karma has been actively playing out in our relationship to nature, all over the world. As we unnecessarily destroy natural forests, animals become displaced and venture closer to suburban neighborhoods creating all kinds of problems.  Accelerated soil erosion has affected both agriculture and the natural environment and is one of today’s most widespread environmental problems.

Our environmental problems have yet to be resolved. Earth keeps sending the same message, yet we continue to receive the same karmic lesson because we’re not willing to change.

When karma feels negative, it’s requesting a change. When our consciousness isn’t ready to change we may wait several lifetimes to balance our karma. I think this is exactly what’s happening with Amanda Knox.

It is no secret that the Italian judicial system has a long history of corruption – dating back many centuries, and into the present.  Intuitively, her situation feels like a healing that is moving through thousands of years. It could be that Amanda herself (in a past life) was a judge and passed on unfair sentences, and now would like to experience firsthand the ratification of an unfair ruling. Or perhaps she was a victim of unfair prosecution (in a past live) and her soul seeks public recognition of an ill system.  Overall her energy communicated to me the need to make things right. Whatever her past life experiences, her soul wants it played out on the public stage.

When karma balances, the thing we perceived as negative disappears and rewards appear. For Amanda, being released from prison and into the loving arms of her family is the balancing of karma.  Her gifts will start coming in shortly, as she writes about her ordeal, and is awarded great monies for her story.

On a global level, when karma is equalized, energy vibrates throughout the universe.  Providing opportunities for more karmic healing.

Now is a wonderful moment for the Italian government to establish international regulations that are required by forensic scientists.  Journalists too, could reevaluate, once again, how their roll in the media affects others.  There seems to always be incredible occasion to balance karma.

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