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Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse

Hollyhock 1Mystic Moment

Each part of nature is here to live out an energetic life in the outdoors, but also reminds humans how deeply they are loved. The next time you’re near grass, a tree, or gorgeous summer flowers, consciously absorb their loving kindness beaming towards you. This can be a great energy booster that can also relieve fatigue.

Energy Pulse

Are you working on creating something new in your life? Has it been difficult to manifest? Try spending five minutes a week engaging in a conference call with some of your manifesting friends (folks who also believe that anything can be created by the mind). Each person gets five minutes to talk about their dream as if it already happened while the other phone mates support and celebrate the others dreams.

July 22

Manifest The Heck Out of Your Life


The greatest key to understanding the principles of manifestation happens when you believe, without a doubt, that you are creating (mostly unconsciously!) everything that happens in your life…including your past. This manifestation rule wipes out victimization and blaming others for …

July 22

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


Mystic Moment ~ Thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope you can now see how layered in beauty the multi-Universes are. They absolutely represent the incredible layers of genesis inside of you. 💕 Energy Pulse ~ An Energetic Conversation …