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Ask Marie – July 2013

Ask Marie 2013Have a question for Marie? She answers questions written into her website inher quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie is able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met the person. Only first names will be used and other identifying qualifiers will be changed to create anonymity.

Thank you as always for writing into my quarterly newsletter! It’s a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions. I trust the information will be helpful or lead you to a healthy resolution!

Dear Marie,

I think what you do is amazing and you have given me opportunities to reunite with my dad, something I thought could never happen. 

My dad died almost 4 years ago and he visits me in my dreams (not often) for what seems like seconds, and doesn’t say anything. When I do the meditating thing, I see him on the bridge (just his face) and he doesn’t say anything, although I would like him to. Why is this?

In addition to this, when I do the bridge thing to contact him, I see other people (mainly strangers) and I am wondering how do I know that I am actually meeting the people who have passed over or whether my mind is just bringing up things from the day that I have subconsciously processed – like we do in dreams. How do I know that this is not just in my head?

I hope you can help me.


Dear Lu,

Thank you! It’s my pleasure to translate for the otherside! Many times loved ones visit us on the bridge, a metaphoric connector, from one world to the next. The reason you’re not hearing messages from your dad, or having a longer visit with him during your dreams, is most likely because you’re holding onto deep emotional pain about his loss. Human emotions are vast and create a barrier to many things in life including intuitive and multisensory experiences. When you become aware of what you’re holding onto, and learn to let go, then your mind will allow a fuller experience with him.

The bridge is a meeting place for humans and others living in separate dimensions. The others you see on the bridge are aware that you are there and that you have the capability to communicate with them. This is exciting too for the energy on the Otherside. They want to share in the union you and your father experience and encourage communication. The hope is that someday, soon, all will connect in a meaningful way with the departed.


Dear Marie,

I have been listening to your radio show each week after hearing you on Alan Cohen’s radio show a while back.  I enjoy the insights you provide to your callers and was hoping you might be able to help me. About a year ago, I had my gallbladder removed along with gallstones that were lodged in my bile duct. I spent a week in the hospital and had a lot of time to think and made a decision to take a leap of faith and resign from my job without having another position lined up. I was very unhappy and my time at the hospital made me realize that I needed to take action. So, since September of last year, I have not been working and have been hoping that I would be able to figure out what’s next. I have not really made any progress, and in April I had another gallstone removed from my bile duct and continue to experience unexplained abdominal issues. I have never felt satisfied professionally or done work that I find enjoyable, and I feel frustrated that I have not been able to achieve any sort of professional satisfaction. I suspect my physical problems are related to my unsatisfied to desire to find my place in the world. I’m now 49 and feel like I have been trying to work this out for most of my adult life with no success.  Prior to having my gallbladder removed, I have not really experienced any significant health problems. 

I would appreciate any insights or advice that you could offer.

Dear Lisa,

I just love Alan! Being a guest on his show was joyful!!

I’m sorry about your recent health issues.  I hope these words will help you create a healthy change!

The gallbladder, and bile duct area can be affected (in a negative way) by frustration present in the body. Just adjacent to the bile duct is the liver. This organ is adversely affected by anger. Any emotion ignored, can potentially affect the anatomy of the body. Clearly, work is one of your frustrations. However, when I look into your energy, I see that many things irritate you. They might be smaller than ones desire to have fulfilling and passionate work. But, over time even little irritants add up. Whatever we feel towards circumstances in life, we unconsciously, create more of the same. I would highly recommend that you begin to feel and create emotions that are the opposite of frustration. Appreciation and gratitude are polar opposites of irritation. If you want your life to change, and I know you do, please begin to reevaluate what bothers you. Find something about those little annoyances that is pleasing to you and focus only on positive attributes, regardless of the obvious challenge.

If you do, after a while, your life will change to match your new perception!

All my love,

Dear Marie,

A dear friend referred me to your website. I immediately found the chakra exercises for kids and adults, and so appreciate them. I home school my kids with an inner intention of keeping them embodied fully and in touch with spirit beings, and their own intuition. These exercises feel like help in that endeavor. My question is about the home schooling. I am feeling calls to develop a new pathway for myself into the community – a pathway of self-healing for adults, myself included. At the same time, I am wondering if it is time for my children of 11 and 7 to venture into larger realms, realms not created by or connected to me, to explore their own beings further and to bring their beauty to the world more fully.. I feel they are strong and ready and so am I. I want to move with faith and would love to have your intuitive opinion if you are willing to offer it.

With gratitude,

Dear April,

When you have a good feeling about something allow it to serve as a sign. Worse case, you can always return to homeschooling your children. Spend the rest of summer feeling excited about public or private schools; to create a powerful energy that will lead you to the perfect school for your family.


Dear Marie,

I have been a real estate agent for 25 years. For the past 4 or 5 years the depressed economy has been very hard on my industry. My income has suffered greatly. I have been working through some serious health issues regarding back and knee pain and resulting immobility etc. and have managed to “soldier on” whenever I have a new or return client. For whatever reason, the opportunity always seems to fall through.  The client employs someone else (even after much good work on my part) or the client was mistaken about the potential housing market, or the client even dies. I am wondering if I am doing something to drive them all away because I am worried about being able to be physically mobile enough or if it’s just the universe telling me I’m not supposed to do this job anymore. Because it seems to be happening over and over, I think it may be time to turn to something else, but I worry that I may be sabotaging myself in some way without knowing it. 

Thank you for your help.

Dear Leslie,

I’m so sorry to hear about your health, and work issues. When someone’s industry dries up it is a sign to move on. Knee pain is about searching for something and feeling that we’re missing out on an important self-actualization. The lack of fulfillment may not be conscious. Typically the right knee is about personal power, while the left knee is about receiving: love, health, joy, and wealth. The knee joint is complicated and plays an important role in carrying the body in horizontal and vertical directions. The spine is where we energetically house our will. Determination needs to be tempered with our highest good, or the will of the Divine.


Dear Marie,

I think this question will help many people – it’s about chakras healing themselves.  We spoke in 2011 and my chakras that needed some healing were the third eye and the crown.  Then we spoke again in 2013 and my third eye had become beautiful and healthy yet my crown chakra still had sparks.  Why would the third eye heal on its own and not the crown?  It actually felt like I had been doing more work on and paying more attention to my crown than my 3rd eye.  Also, can you give me a time frame on when the crown chakra will no longer be sparking?  That would help me immensely!  

Thank you!

Hi Melinda,

Great question! As you may remember, from our conversation; chakras have emotional connections to the body. These emotive links affect the way energy moves in and out of the body. You probably got very busy working on your sixth chakra, practicing the   exercises we discussed. The energetic practices allowed you to hold onto the healing that occurred when we spoke. Perhaps you’re very motivated to live fully in the multi-sensory world!!? You may have spent less time experiencing the emotions of the seventh chakra. This vortex is about allowing the Universe to love you!

Keep up the great work!


Dear Marie, 

I am writing to you from India regarding the panic and trauma sensations that I have experienced on my scalp and body for the last 10 years. In 2002, after recovering from malaria, I noticed a few strands of my hair falling out and that set up a deep panic boom inside me. Since then, those deep-rooted fears have multiplied and translated into painful hot pricking and pulling sensations on my scalp and body. 

I have tried several therapies to heal myself in the last 10 years: conventional psychotherapy, Transliminal Hypnotherapy, Silva Mind-Control, past life regression, EFT, TAT, BSFF, NLP, somatic experiencing, Pranic healing, Reiki, rebirthing breath work, Matrix Energetics, and many more. But the trauma sensations I feel on my scalp and body continue to remain. The sensations are triggered especially at the workplace.  I associate work stress and pressure with the hair loss and any situation which triggers stress – people’s attention on my hair, going to a new place, etc. These sensations and associated negative patterns have wrecked my life and I am not able to progress in life. I don’t know how to heal them now?


Dear Sudesh,

How lovely to hear from you all the way from India! I’m sorry to hear about the health traumas; that continue to keep you from enjoying life!

Reading your note reminded me a little of myself. When I want to fix something, I too will try EVERYTHING. So my dear, my guides are passing onto you what they tell me everyday, stop fixing or trying to figure out what’s wrong.

When we decide that something is wrong we only attract more negativity to the situation. You will need to let go and bless those tingling sensations as much as you can. When we can love what’s driving us crazy it goes away.

I’m sending you a ton of love and white light so you may let go – as I do my best as well, each and every day!


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