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Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment

Take a Mystic Moment and connect to your insight!

Intuitive information rarely lets you know its exact importance until you follow it. Most people wait to know its importance before listening to their gut. This is a critical error because insight is meant to be followed on faith.

Energy Pulse

To move your energy vibration to a higher frequency, try imagining your chakras spinning. Envision each brightly colored cone spinning in a clockwise direction, as is shown in the illustration. Mentally spinning chakras warms up these vortexes, adds to their color, and assists them in releasing stagnant energy from the body—all the while receiving vital life force energy. Intention is everything! Your chakras love you and want to help you be happy and healthy! Hint:  I do this all the time.

September 8

Ask Marie – September 2015


Dear Marie, I am working as a marriage and family therapist intern and have been noticing some strange sensations on my scalp, particularly the left side, especially when I am working with clients. It is not exclusively happening when I see …

September 8

You Are Stardust


As odd as it may sound, you have atoms in your body that are billions of years old created by the disruption of stars, far, far away from your gorgeous being. In fact, every atom in your body was forged …