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Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment

Take a Mystic Moment and connect to your insight!

You really do know all the answers to your questions. Even if you have asked the same question out loud for years and haven’t received a satisfying answer, you know the solution. But, for some reason, you don’t want to hear the answer or believe it. If you really, really, want to receive a viable answer to your question, then repeat silently over and over again throughout the day…I know. When falling to sleep that night ask your question, followed by…answer what ever is in my highest good. The next day your answer will most likely be revealed. Maybe when you first open your eyes!

Energy Pulse

Experiencing uncomfortable physical sensations after receiving energy work is normal. Thankfully most people feel better, happier and lighter, following an energy treatment. However, there are a few folks who may feel tired, or notice physical pain where there was none before. Energy work assists individuals to become present to the reality of their body, thoughts and feelings. Many times we are disconnected from our true feelings, physical and emotional.

July 22

Manifest The Heck Out of Your Life


The greatest key to understanding the principles of manifestation happens when you believe, without a doubt, that you are creating (mostly unconsciously!) everything that happens in your life…including your past. This manifestation rule wipes out victimization and blaming others for …

July 22

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


Mystic Moment ~ Thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope you can now see how layered in beauty the multi-Universes are. They absolutely represent the incredible layers of genesis inside of you. 💕 Energy Pulse ~ An Energetic Conversation …