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Why Do Spirit Guides Care So Much?

There are numerous beings throughout the universe dedicated to helping the human race evolve.  Many of these beings are guides to you during our lifetimes here on Earth.

You may wonder who these beings are? What do they look like; can you see and hear them; do you have more than one guide; and why do they care so much about humans? Just like nurses, doctors, fire fighters, and teachers, spirit guides are drawn to help people. They have been your constant companions since you were conceived, and will remain with you until you return to pure energy.

When you too lived away from Earth, your spirit guides were with you and enthusiastically agreed to chaperon you during this process called life. Their role is to positively influence your life based on what you decided to learn before arriving in a body. Because guides live in non-physical essence they are often referred to as guides in spirit.

You might or might not be aware of the relationship you have with guides. If you’re not aware of this powerful bond, you might perceive your interactions with them as unexplainable. Like nagging feelings or odd connections we have with strangers, we tend to neglect and under appreciate these unconditionally loving beings who care deeply for our wellbeing.  If you’re not sure how your spirit guides may have helped you, here are a few real stories below to demonstrate their connection.

A dear friend of mine’s sister Mary had a pesky thought that wouldn’t go away — to check out a house that had just came on the market near her home.  Even though she wasn’t in the looking for a new home, she eventually checked out the home to bring peace to her thoughts.  When she visited the house, she discovered that the agent representing the property was an old friend from high school.  They began hanging out together, started dating and eventually married.

One day, a client of mine, John, had a nagging feeling to drive into work instead of taking the train into the city following his regular routine. When he arrived, he discovered that his train had collided with another train, and hundreds of passengers were injured.

At a seminar a few years ago, I met a man named Kris who told me a fascinating story about how he avoided a potential health crisis. One day Kris felt an odd pressure in his chest. He wasn’t sure if what he felt was anxiety or a heath problem. After a couple of weeks, the odd feeling persisted and he told a friend about his mysterious symptoms. Kris’s friend shared a memorable meeting she had just a week ago with a wonderful cardiologist and that she felt he should go and see that doctor. Kris was surprised by his friend’s comment because he had no intention of seeing a specialist for the peculiar sensation. But he couldn’t stop thinking about his friend’s recommendation, and after a few weeks made an appointment. The doctor examined his heart and found no obvious abnormalities, but decided anyway to do an echo-cardio gram (an ultrasound of the heart). The physician was surprised when the ultra sound showed a small growth near Kris’s aorta, which was applying sporadic pressure. The specialist was thrilled Kris had sought out medical attention early because the benign growth could be easily removed. He also expressed surprise that Kris had symptoms because the tumor was too small to be felt.

Trivial feelings, thoughts and annoyances such as these are many times nudges from your guides who want to steer you to a better place, a situation that is aligned with your true desires, many of which originated before you came to earth. Not only are your spirit guides doing their best to communicate in a way you’ll understand so you’ll take positive action– they also communicate to your friends, family and professionals you meet along the way.  In the last example, the friend and cardiologist made choices because of the spirit guides powerful nudging.  Guides work together to help us solve problems and through that remain dedicated to the evolution of the entire human race.

You maybe asking yourself right now (or yelling at this newsletter) what about a person who is injured in a train crash, or who didn’t go to their physician sooner, or your best, kind, smart friend who is still unhappily single.  Don’t they to have guides?

Yes, of course they do. All human beings have guides. Guides live outside our physical reality and possess the ability to see the big picture of human life–from things happening in the present moment; to our personal history which we all cling too, and to the future we all want so dearly to hope for.  Guides know why each of us decided to have a lifetime on earth, and they know when we wish to return to the otherside; our true home. For no one leaves our world unless (from a soul’s perspective) they choose too.

Let’s say, for argument sake, you decided to return to planet Earth, a physical place, because you wanted to learn the valuable lesson of unconditional love. Your spirit guides are fully aware of your primary goal, and they, as absolute loving beings, will spirit you along to accomplish it.

Some people learn to listen to tranquil thoughts, or to those which at first glance seem useless, and take them as signs of their spirit guides directing them toward a change that will prove to be priceless in their lives.

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