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About Podcasting

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is delivering audio content to iPods and other portable media players on demand, so that it can be listened to at the user’s convenience. The main benefit of podcasting is that listeners can sync content to their media player and take it with them to listen whenever they want to. Because podcasts are typically saved in MP3 format, they can also be listened to on nearly any computer. Podcast episodes are downloaded to your computer so you can copy them to an iPod or another portable audio device and take them with you.

How does it work? will regularly update the RSS feed (what is RSS?) with the latest audio files of our shows. A “podcatcher” program – such as Apple’s iTunes or iPodder – automatically retrieves the RSS feed from our website and downloads the appropriate audio files to your computer or portable media device.

Installing and Configuring a “podcatcher” program:
While the most popular “podcatcher” is Apple’s free program iTunes there are many different programs for subscribing to our podcast. If you do not already have iTunes we recommend it for it’s ease of use and popularity. Download iTunes here.

Once you have downloaded and installed iTunes you can configure the Podcast subscription feature by clicking on Edit > Preferences.

In the Preferences dialog box select the Podcasts tab. From here you can set such features as how often your iTunes program checks for podcast updates, what is downloaded when new episodes are available and which episodes are kept on your local computer. You can also configure how the podcasts are transferred to your iPod.

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