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Stepping Into the Veil - 2 Part Online Course Recording!

Stepping Into the Veil – 2 Part Online Course Recording!

Downloadable link to Marie’s pre-recorded online course. After purchase, you will receive an email with link to download.

The veil is a thin membranous type of material that separates human consciousness from the Otherside. As each human being becomes more conscious, the veil thins for that particular person. This allows connection and even communication between those who dwell here on Earth and those (loved ones, spirit guides, and arch angels) who currently live in the heavens.

Consciousness is an important factor when accessing information outside of the Earth realm. There are also tools and techniques that heighten vibration and frequency that can, and will, quicken one’s multi-sensory abilities.

In this two-part online course, learn how to step through the veil to connect with loved ones and more!


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