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Embracing Your Empathic Nature - 2 Part Online Course Recording!

Embracing Your Empathic Nature – 2 Part Online Course Recording!

Downloadable link to Marie’s pre-recorded online course. After purchase, you will receive an email with link to download.

An empath’s heart chakra fills their entire chest cavity, approximately 10 inches in diameter. Often, the glowing light of the empathic emerald-green chakra can be seen overflowing into the aura; the energetic space surrounding the human body.

The super-sized heart chakra of an empath naturally seeks out pain if unattended. It is as if the attraction is intended to aid a chaotic world through the owner’s benevolence.  This attraction can lead to feelings of guilt for an empath if their life is peaceful but others are suffering. Or in contrast, if the empath is struggling in their own life, he or she may abandon personal goals and visions to care for others.

In this two-part online course, learn how to embrace and harness your empathic super power!


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