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Embrace Your Intuition – Digital Download

Stories, Exercises and Meditations for Developing Your Intuition

Downloadable link to Marie’s pre-recorded teaching. After purchase, you will receive an email with link to download.

We are all multisensory beings. Each of us has the ability to hear, feel, smell or see outside of our third-dimensional world. Being multisensory is your birthright. It helps you gain insight, information and knowledge. This then provides you with the ability to make life choices that are best for you. This recording is a teaching tool intended to help you learn how to access valuable information for you and your life so that you can live the fullest, happiest possible life. Over the years Marie has developed techniques so that she too could access this type of information when working with her clients. She has taught these techniques in classes, and now they are available for you to learn with ease and convenience.

*This is a digital product; you will receive online access to listen/download via the My Account section of this site.


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