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There are subtle energy fields that emanate through all living things, and pulsate with information.

With her highly developed energy medicine skills and intuition, Marie can look, listen and feel people’s energy fields, allowing her to gather and interpret information about their whole beings. With that awareness, she can facilitate a shift in the energy field itself. Most people experience an increased sense of well-being, which manifests in many ways, such as an expansion of conscious awareness, a shift in self-defeating patterns, leading to a fresh perspective on one’s life. Marie believes that everyone is their own best healer.

A Special Message from Marie

Life has certainly changed enormously for all of us over the past few years. I now see clients exclusively over Zoom and no longer work with clients in person. I also began teaching online courses across several different platforms and am absolutely loving the experience! I’ve unexpectedly found a new passion teaching online and I want to make more time available to follow this new joy.

I’ve made the decision to reduce the number of client sessions I’ll support moving forward to six clients per week. Additionally, the focus of my client sessions will be to see clients who are currently experiencing serious health issues or a significant loss. These elements of the human experience are my original loves – loves that inspired me to start my business more than 20 years ago and helped me to evolve into the energy intuitive and medium I am today.

If you are a beloved client who does not fit into my new client session model, please consider taking an online course with me where you can learn to expand your energy to achieve higher levels of consciousness while surrounded by like-minded people who will applaud you as you release resistance and shine.

Thank you for your incredible love and support! I look forward to seeing all of you in some capacity in the near future.

All my love,


Thank you for your interest in scheduling a private session with Marie!

New client sessions are 90-minutes and returning client sessions are 60-minutes.

All mediumship sessions are 60-minutes.

Due to Marie’s busy private practice, her calendar is currently closed.

Marie will open her 2027 calendar later in the year. Consider taking one of her live online courses! You can find more information about the current courses she’s offering here.

The current rate for 60-minute sessions is $350 and $525 for 90-minute sessions.

Marie also offers sessions for children of all ages.

Sessions for children from infancy to age nine are generally 30 to 45-minutes in length, while sessions for children ages 10 to 16 are generally 60-minutes. Regular rates always apply for clients 17 years of age and older.

Schedule a Session with Marie

Marie conducts distance sessions via Zoom or over the phone. All sessions are audio recorded unless otherwise requested.

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after booking, then a reminder email two weeks before your appointment. You can also select the option to add an invitation to your calendar and/or receive a text reminder.

If you do not see any options that work for you, are not comfortable scheduling online or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


I have been studying spirituality for 10 years and worked with many teachers and in workshops but have never felt the fundamental change I have made in my life. Truly loving myself has been extremely liberating and authentic. I am so grateful to you! I can’t wait to take more classes.

Casey M. — Vibrational Coaching Student

I left our session feeling like I got really good advice and I had a new lease on life . . . I feel grateful to Marie for her radio show and now for the YouTube videos she's making. There is so much helpful information she's sharing. Her energy is uplifting and it makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Much gratitude and thanks!!!

Melinda S. — Client

My first visit with Marie was the most profound single session with a healer I have ever experienced…

Hal Abbott, MA — Psychotherapist

Thank you for putting your work out into the world in such a clear and loving way! I just finished your book (read it in one night!) and have listened to all of your radio podcasts. You are one of the only role models I've encountered who seems to fluidly combine a western medical background with energy medicine. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Tara L.

I really enjoyed your book 'How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides.' I liked that it was so much more than the title portrayed. I feel like it has helped me step back on my path, and for that I am filled with heartfelt gratitude. I just wanted to say Thank you, you and your guides did a great job!

Haley F.

Marie has been a gift in my life -- guiding me to discover my true soul and helping me to conquer past pains through changing my energy vibration. Her classes are outstanding! Marie has a nurturing presence and is a great guide in this process called life.

Mary Ellen H. — Intuitive Life Navigator

I love the webinar on wealth and after the first session I was on a super charged vibrational high for about 24 hours. Also, since I discovered that your podcast has a similar effect on my energy I actually use it as a vibration/mood lifter when I feel negative or down. Energy medicine indeed! I’m so excited about the exercises and my impending wealth.

Michelle W.

Marie is extraordinarily gifted both as a teacher and as a medical intuitive. In teaching, she brings all her powers of intuition to set a perfect pace for the students and to offer helpful individualized encouragement and attention as needed. I look forward to taking more classes with Marie!

LS — Client

When I first saw Marie, I was feeling frustrated and stuck, unable to create the life I truly wanted. Right away she offered me profound spiritual insights that helped me understand what need to be changed. She also taught me skills that I could use every day to help me attract the love, success, creativity and joy I desired. She is a gifted teacher and healer. Seeing Marie has vastly improved my life.

Gail H. — Author

Marie has a wonderful gift of helping us to realize our own individual spiritual nature and connection to our source. Through her energy work and seminars I am healthier, happier, and have a greater understanding of the other side. She also has helped me to understand my path and potential.

Dr. Ann Marie Griff — Optometrist

On the 21st day of listening to my "self-love" [self-hypnosis meditation] recording that my arm regained full range of motion. My neurologist had told me it would take months and to be patient . . . she was amazed at my recovery. I told her I had amassed a great team to support my recovery.

Sandy — Client

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