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    New Item! The Amazing Power of Intuitive What If Cards – Volume Two

    Intuitive What If Cards are designed to accelerate your natural intuitive abilities and bring your multisensory dreams into reality. Your intuition, like everything else in the Universes, vibrates with energy. To optimize your intuitive gifts, perceptions about intuition and the psychic world require positivity.

    As a professional energy healer and medium, I know that real intuitive experiences have high energy and value. When you practice positive Intuitive What If Questions, your mind will release negative beliefs and propel your energy towards your intuitive magnificence.

    Deck includes 50 cards and instructions.

    The Amazing Power of What If Cards

    New Item! The Amazing Power of What If Cards

    These cards are designed to increase your human energy system’s vibration in a fun and highly effective way. Everything in the world has a vibration. Everything you desire (all the good stuff) vibrates at a high level. All the things we don’t desire have a low vibration. Creating a highly desirable life requires your human vibration to vibrate in an elevated frequency so that you and what you desire can match energetically.

    As an energy healer and lover of the principles of manifestation, I’m thrilled to offer my own tool to help turn your dreams into reality!

    Instructions are included for this highly successful and life-changing method.

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