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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

To create or uncreate something through prayer, use language that supports the outcome as if the desire is here. For example, if you desire to have a healthy body, your prayer would be worded in this fashion: “Thank you for my fantastic healthy body.” As you repeat the prayer silently or out loud, move as much of your energy into the feeling that what you want is already here.

Energy Pulse ~


Everything that you would want to experience in life exists now. The Universe doesn’t have to make it, for anything you can imagine was created before you could imagine it. This is why it’s important to be curious and to dream big ideas so that the world fills with what has already been created.

February 1



Love is the great transformer. It can change your life, or at the very least, love can manifest incredible changes in important areas of your life. The powerful vibration of love is electric. Its formidable charge pulls what you need …

February 1

Ask Marie


  Hi, Marie. I’m older. My wife Nancy passed over last February. All of my family is on the Otherside as well. I guess my question is: is there anyone else yet to be in my life? Or should I …