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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

Creation is always sending you opportunities. Most opportunities you have ignored for varied reasons. The most common reason is feeling resistance, as if the fabulous opportunity isn’t real. Luckily the Universe will continue to send you delicious options to enhance your life – preferences your soul knows will inspire you! The next time something really cool comes into your awareness, do it anyway! Even if you feel that you aren’t ready or good enough to explore the possibility.

Energy Pulse ~


Fear is simply an illusion presented to you by the ego. The amount of fear you experience through your thoughts correlates to the amount of time you do not spend in the present moment. If you want to know if your fearful thoughts are accurate, become present. When you move into the present moment fear disappears.

January 8

Create a New Perception to Create a Magical 2023


Perceptions are created from logical thinking, rules societies live by, and what others have told us – especially when we are young. For example, most people have the perception that if someone gets sick with a disease like cancer, the …

January 8

Ask Marie


  Dear Marie, I hold myself back in all kinds of situations. A close confidante refers to it as my “governor.” It’s like I throttle everything back. I’m aware of it. I believe I understand the source of it in …