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Create a New Perception to Create a Magical 2023

This is exactly what it takes to create magic in 2023!

Perceptions are created from logical thinking, rules societies live by, and what others have told us – especially when we are young. For example, most people have the perception that if someone gets sick with a disease like cancer, the only option available for healing is chemotherapy. But that is only a perception. There are many ways to heal the body. Did you know that some types of bladder cancer are healed by flushing bacteria into the bladder? And that the most common bacteria used for curing bladder cancer comes from tuberculous? For several years now, the American Medical Association no longer recommends treating early stages of non-aggressive breast cancer with chemotherapy. 

What this means is that we need to expand our perceptions about healing any type of illness. In fact, shifting your perception about everything will allow your life to become magical!

What if you began to think like the researchers who shifted practices within modern medicine in the above examples? What if there is no limit to what you could experience here on Earth? And what if you are ready to think outside of the box of proven perceptions and try new truths on for size to manifest amazing and delightful solutions?

This is exactly what it takes to create magic in 2023! You may have already shifted a few practical perceptions in some areas of your life. These areas are easy to spot because your friends or family members don’t understand why your unique solution works. So, what in your life needs a rare and new perception? The answer to that question is easy! What area(s) of your life lacks fulfillment? Yup, that’s the one. The fragments of your life that are trying are just waiting for you to change your perception. When you alter your observations, energy will move in a new direction creating obvious opportunities. The new openings have one requirement: that you try them out! As you move into new areas of belief, you will feel inspired freedom letting you know you are on the right path.

A favorite exercise to assist you in developing a new perspective is to imagine that you are a rock floating beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps begin this contemplation while meditating. As you engage in the possibility that you are a floating rock, let go of all human descriptors of who you are or how you perceive yourself. Detach from the work you do in the world, all your relationships, home life, hobbies, and worldly possessions. Simply float and allow your awareness to open up to new possibilities as a rock.

Happy New Year!

All my love,

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