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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

Thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope you can now see how layered in beauty the multi-Universes are. They absolutely represent the incredible layers of genesis inside of you. 💕

Energy Pulse ~

An Energetic Conversation About Thinking vs. Being
Video Dialogue with Marie Manuchehri and Medium Suzanne Giesemann

Gain exciting perspectives into consciousness and intuition through this fascinating conversation between renowned mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann and I. Learn how we each tune into our knowing and the space of true intuition beyond the thinking brain, as well as how we experience and work with the energies of the multi-sensory world. It’s my hope that our insights will leave you with goosebumps of recognition as the abstract concept of tuning into your own higher knowing and the Spirit world become clearer, offering understanding that is all at once mind-blowing and healing.

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July 22

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July 22

Ask Marie


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