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Manifest The Heck Out of Your Life

No matter what else is going on with you, universal energy can only do one thing as it co-creates with you: mimic your human energy’s vibration.

The greatest key to understanding the principles of manifestation happens when you believe, without a doubt, that you are creating (mostly unconsciously!) everything that happens in your life…including your past. This manifestation rule wipes out victimization and blaming others for our chosen paths, be they consciously or unconsciously chosen. Some individuals may blame themselves for their life events, but that is not the role of this bylaw. Even when you have a great understanding of the creative directives that govern all realms of existence, quieting the mind and regulating the sympathetic nervous system in today’s world is an incredibly important tool. When you do remember the laws of the Universe – and manage your mind and neurological system – the world is truly your oyster. So let’s deepen your understanding of these laws and crack that oyster open!

Another important key to creating a life full of authentic (and often unknown!) desires is to recognize – and not let go of the fact – that everything in all of the Universes is made of energy. Everything you wear, taste, love, work with, all your emotions, health and yes wealth, are all made of unseeable tiny subatomic particles that we generally call energy. These itty-bitty moving particles vibrate into action, creating your reality in response to how you vibrate the energy inside of your body. The universal energetic particles that are the co-creative force of all things seen and unseen are always listening, recognizing, and responding to the frequency of your own tiny energetic particles. No matter what else is going on with you, universal energy can only do one thing as it co-creates with you: mimic your human energy’s vibration.

Many times, the human energy within a person vibrates in fear, doubt, or worry causing it to bounce back and forth between the anxiety that humanity is addicted to while trying to calm one’s unease. Either way, these types of fluctuations in the subatomic particles within your body create mixed outcomes. Somedays you may feel like you are on top of the world – everything is working out magically for you. You find a perfect parking spot at your favorite, but rather crowded supermarket. Or perhaps that the expensive tile that you want for your new bathroom remodel is now on sale at a huge discount. Alternatively, some weeks feel like nothing seems to go well. You run out of gas on a busy highway, your mother in-law moves in and she’s not very nice to you, or your coworker becomes ill and you are now doing two jobs.

When your subatomic particles flow up and down with the movement of their vibration, your life flows up and down too! If you could feel the particles’ movement in your body, you could become aware of its fluctuations in your energy system and correct the flow when needed. Thankfully you can! This is the reason why lucky people frequently have fantastic outcomes in their lives. Even if something seems impossible to course correct for them it naturally does regardless how dire the circumstances are. Whether they are aware of it or not, they are feeling energy and noting the energies that don’t feel great and choosing to follow the energies that do.

Feeling your energetic particles on the move is a conscious choice. There are many ways to accomplish the awareness of the tiny manifesting miracles that live inside of your body. Practicing mediation, yoga, Qigong, or simply becoming curious about the energies on the move in your being is all that’s needed to continue the exploration of you. Get ready to embrace the power you naturally inherited when you first came into being many thousands of lifetimes ago!

All my love,

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