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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

From a scientific perspective, we know that everything in the world (and in all the Universes) is made of energy – subatomic particles that the eye cannot see. What if we begin to treat the world around us as if this science-proven reality truly exists?

What would it be like to converse with the objects around you? What if you greeted everything around you just before you began an activity? For example, the next time you decide to sit down and read a book consider addressing the book before you pick it up and begin to read it. Perhaps the conversation in your mind would go something like this: “Wow, you look interesting, I’m excited to find out more about you.’ Or “I haven’t read your pages in a long time, yet I recall how transformative they once were for me.”

Now, you don’t need to have these energetic interactions out loud. They can be silent, for subatomic particles live in a discreet world. However, they will become quite lively when you consciously interact with energy.

This type of exercise will assist you with communicating with other non-visible matter, like the cells in your body, which hold genius material regarding health and healing.


Energy Pulse ~

As you may know from listening to my podcasts or teachings, keeping one’s energy vibrating at a high frequency is desirable. As all that we wish for (the good stuff) vibrates its particles in a soaring movement of elements. And all the items and events you do not wish to encounter move their particles in a low frequency.

What if there was something you could do every day, and preferably throughout the day, that allowed your human energy system to produce happy vibrations? The technique I’m about to describe has been a constant friend to me for more than 30 years. It can elevate your energy and allow you to vibrate particles at the frequency where all you desire exists.

I call this technique layering. There are three distinct layers to this technique. The first is to manage your mind by only observing, hearing, feeling the happy things around you. To feel your own body vs. trying to protect yourself from an invisible harm like yelling or screaming, focusing on the garbage in the streets, etc. The second layer is to add a positive “What If” question like “What if my day is amazing?” Or “What if I love my energy right now?” The third and final layer is to remind yourself of an event from your past in which you experienced genuine gratitude. Perhaps it was getting your driver’s license, graduating high school, etc.

Practicing this diversion will uplift the energy within you and around you to deliver all the good stuff.

February 1



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February 1

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


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