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Cellular Memory

Before you reincarnated to the Earth (an excellent choice you made while living outside of the physical world while you were vibrating in 100% spirit energy), you decided many things with the help of other spiritual beings. What century you would be born into, as time is only a human illusion. What gender you would most enjoy and learn from. What family unit would create the healing you most desired. What opportunities would help you to gain clarity about your true desires… and clarity about what you don’t want to experience.

Because you have lived many, many lifetimes in physical and nonphysical realms, you have gathered tremendous information (and solutions!) from past life experiences. This powerful knowledge will never leave you and you will always have immediate access to it no matter where you might dwell in the multi-Universes.

When you are living in a nonphysical world, this information is easy to grasp and enjoy, as you can see its subatomic formation and hear its multi-sensory messages. For you and the all-knowing information are functioning in pure energy during those incarnations. While living in a physical reality, like Earth, this information is also available to you as it rests deep inside the fluid and structure of all your body’s cells.

While living in a physical plane, retrieving this coded genius requires holding and exploring the present moment. As you explore the gift of the now, your body’s cell membranes relax and allow powerful data to freely move into your tissues and organs. When this occurs, the information can better express itself to you and reprogram the areas of your body that might need a reminder of what health feels like.

Accessing the present moment is easier than you might think! It requires management of your thoughts for moments at a time, while learning about the world around you that most people ignore. Our human world works overtime doing its best to demonstrate that examining the world through thought is not being present. Instead, it screams that investigating the present is an experience, not a thought. (Just like holding a warm cup of tea alerts the nerves in your hands to the weight of the cup and temperature that will soon come close to your lips.) Thousands of times a day, your body alerts you to the precious genius inside of you. Perhaps you are ready to explore the magnitude of who you really are.

All my love,

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