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When it’s Time to Advance Your Manifesting

You have been working on manifesting something near and dear to your heart, and you have made great progress and perhaps the uncomfortable old reality is gone, making your life better. But perhaps you haven’t quite hit your original goal, and the good feelings that have replaced the uncomfortable feelings have you somewhat standing still, reducing your drive to realign and keep moving forward into your true desires. Maybe even allowing your thoughts to be similar to: “What I have now is better, is it necessary to continue working on my manifesting principles?”

The simple answer: YES! Yes, you have come far, but please don’t allow yourself to plateau following all the incredible changes you have made. In fact, you are now in a better space to attract more of what you truly desire. When you plateau, assume that you have released resistance about something you clearly were not appreciating in your life and created a new way of being. Because you are feeling freer and happier, now is NOT the time to stop creating. Your real dreams are much bigger than you could possibly imagine. For you are a being of light who decided to journey to an earthy reality to explore huge possibilities. Your real desires are enormous. To allow the mammoth, real dreams of your higher self to come through, you will need to think bigger, instead of settling for okay results.

You will need to continue to release old fears and allow for better relaxation and happier present moment exercises in your body thanks to what you have manifested thus far. You have made incredible, positive steps for sure but settling for feeling safe should not be your primary goal. After all, fear is an illusion!

The Universe won’t care what your credit score was while you were living on Earth. Or that you never took a sick day from work. The Universe would love to see you truly fulfilled, in every way! Feeling genuine joy for every area of your life is normal. You are meant to be happy with your love life, your work in the world, your family, friendships, and your unique creative outlets.

It can feel easy to slip back into just feeling OK with how things are, and negative thinking that you could potentially lose what you have already gained. Luckily, it’s pretty hard to go backwards when manifesting! When what you desire has shown up, you have calibrated your energy, your mind, and your belief system to be a match to your desire. It’s not going anywhere. It’s yours to keep! And now that you are aware that your creations are yours to keep, maybe you are willing to look at what you truly want through a more fun, frisky lens.

Sometimes we don’t know what we really want until we get to a calmer place in life. With less stress and running around, you might have felt a nudge from the Divine to get creating again. That nudge is pure inspiration shining down into your seventh chakra from your higher self.

When inspiration arrives, write it down. Especially if you are becoming a little too comfortable with…“well this is a much better situation than what I had before, what if I just stay here?”

Before you think you will feel tired about undertaking your manifesting principles all over again, remember that you have accomplished a lot and you will not be starting at the same vibration or experience the same yearning. Not only will things move quickly, in part because you are happier, but you are starting from a better vantage point. You are almost there – keep going!


All my love,

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