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Ask Marie



I felt I was on the right path but my Facebook business and personal pages were hacked and shut down. I lost 1,400 clients on the business page and all my memories with my parents. Why?



Hello Kim,

I’m so sorry for the internet challenges that have crept into your life. But why is not the question you want to ask. You want to ask…what is in my highest good regarding this event because there is always good in the world, and in every situation. I personally feel that, at one time, you had a great idea or plan to capture this information and these memories in a different format or more permanent manner. Perhaps you listened to someone else instead of following your own guidance.

Most likely, this is a pattern of yours: listening to others instead of your own genius. And the Universe is doing its best to help you grow in your personal awareness of your brilliance. The more you take steps to do just that, the sooner this whole situation will be resolved!



Hi Marie!

I have had issues with my Achilles heel since I had Covid in November. Swelling and soreness, making it difficult to dance or walk. Any advice?



Hello Susan,

When the lower half of the foot has a health issue, it’s about not allowing the Universe to take care of you. What actions could you release to the Universe that you have put way too much energy into resolving? I love to ask the Universe to help me with everything on a regular basis. Also, try not to think about the swelling. Anything you put a lot of energy towards will expand, and we don’t want to encourage the inflammation.




A friend of mine passed in April and I believe they’re trying to get in touch with me on an energic level. I can only feel, not hear or see.

This has happened before with my mother. (In a recent seminar, I learned how to be more in touch in order to communicate with the departed, but I think I need a touch more advice.) If you can connect with her, can you tell me what may need to be done so we can more easily communicate? It seems to happen on a particular day of the week in a general time frame, which has seemed kind of odd to me. A little advice to a novice here is needed!



Hello Jeanette,

I’m so sorry about your friend’s recent passing, and that of your family too. When those on the Otherside connect, they want you to know that they are OK! There certainly could be more communicated but you would need to increase your human energy frequency regularly. That means you will need to find authentic things to be happy about.

The Otherside vibrates energy extremely high. The human world, not so much. Yet, we need to blend our energies in the middle to have a productive conversation. Ask the Universe to assist you in having a very high vibrational life and part of that experience could be seeing or hearing your loved ones!




I was in one of your classes and you mentioned that whichever of the five senses is your dominant one, to surround yourself with items that heighten that sense. For me, it’s either touch or smell but it feels like it could be either one. Can you please tell me which is my dominant sense?




Hello Lisa,

It’s touch. And, as you may recall, clairsentient individuals are trying to protect themselves from unnecessary worries which of course takes a lot of energy. The layering exercise you mentioned is to train yourself to focus on the positive. In the clairsentient world, you will need to stay in your body and feel positivity within your body to accomplish the benefits of the layering exercise.




I was in a very abusive relationship for five years. I have two sons, the youngest of which still has to spend time with the father that subjected both children to sexual and physical abuse.

Even though I alerted authorities, CPS, and the courts, he hired three attorneys to litigate against me and to protect himself through his massive wealth.

I am wondering how to free my children from this energetically. I work in the therapy field and believe my openness, empathy, and giving second chances made me prey to him. I have always been very positive and light-filled and helped hundreds of clients have better lives, but this experience was tragic and I was dealing with a monster trying to destroy me and my sons.

How do I find love again with a man (I feel that once anyone knows this story they run), and create a home for my children that is free from this pain? I am very energetically light, happy, love my job, and give gratitude frequently.

Thank you so much. You are such an inspiration to me. I really appreciate you taking the time to help respond to my opening of my heart here. With much love and peace.

Thank you,



Hello Gina,

I’m so sorry about your family’s difficulties. Whatever we are working on in this lifetime is a reflection of several past lives. In fact, whatever happened in the past was unfortunately worse than what is happening now. We do everything we can to stack the deck in a positive way before we reincarnate so that we may succeed in recalibrating our belief system and create a happier and healthier experience.

Because of this, you will need to let go of victimization. It can be a very strong pattern. And I can feel its strength in your vibration. You and I don’t know all the reasons why individuals choose their experiences before they reincarnate. But I can assure you that their reasons are powerful and well thought out. When we let go of the vibration of victimization, we begin to see the beauty in all things. Including the things we think are terrible.

I know this ask is an extremely tall order, but it is one thing you have yet to do. And I believe it will be necessary moving forward in a new relationship.

I would meditate and ask the Universe to show you the beauty in your previous relationship. Once that has been viewed, do your best to only focus on what was expressed from the Universe so you may calibrate your energy to self-empowerment vs. victimization.



Dear Marie,

I hope you are well. I’ve listened to your wonderful radio show for years and also attended your beautiful Reiki training in 2017.

Last week my father-in-law was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease (HD). It’s late onset with him, as he is already 72. His main symptoms right now are chorea and mood swings/depression.

HD is a rare, inherited disease that causes the progressive breakdown (degeneration) of nerve cells in the brain. Huntington’s disease has a broad impact on a person’s functional abilities and usually results in movement, thinking (cognitive) and psychiatric disorders.

My husband and his siblings have a 50% chance of having inherited the gene and developing the disease. And if they have it, our children then have the same prospect (50%). This is a scary thought.

We want to help my father-in-law and also take the right steps within our own family. Should my husband get tested or not? If he doesn’t have the mutant gene, that would give him peace of mind, but if he does, he would be constantly worried and looking out for the first symptoms. He is 46 now. And should we then also test our children? Or wait until they are old enough?

If you have any insights that could help us along this path, I would so very much appreciate it. Thank you. Many blessings and lots of love!



Hello Jeanne,

I’m so sorry about your father-in-law’s new diagnosis. I wish him a full recovery (yes, I am aware of the diagnosis of this disease – not everyone needs to have the exact same outcome). Anything in life can change. For example, now that humanity is a little bit more comfortable with the word cancer, our scientific community is beginning to discover healthier, modern means to heal cancer. And more and more people are living with the disease than ever before.

Once we have a perceived shift in consciousness regarding anything, then desired solutions will be discovered.

I think your husband should be tested. Regardless of the outcome, or if he doesn’t test he will be thinking about Huntington’s. I think your father-in-law will live a normal life expectancy and that his end-of-life disease will be far less difficult than feared. Let’s change the projection by shifting our thinking and create better opportunities for all diseases!



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