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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

What would your life be like – or simply a day in your life like – if you stopped listening to your mind? Your mind is a lovely tool for logical needs like where you placed your car keys or setting a timer for your Baked Alaska. But your beautiful brain is not magical. If you want a magical life, you need to stop listening to it.

Take the next two days and avoid following ANYTHING your mind directs you to do out of fear or worry. Only follow logic in the moment direction like shutting the garage door after pulling in.

Take note of how your life flows during the two days of avoiding thought and be prepared to experience more insight and creative direction in the enormously important areas of your life. You will be surprised!

Energy Pulse ~

Over the last year, the environment – trees, birds, and even the air – got happier! Did you get happier too? Happiness is a natural guide to what is in your best interest and what is next for you. Noticing what does not make you happy is also part of your vibrational guidance system. Once you determine the joyful – and not so joyful – events that arose for you this past year, make a note of it.

Your logical mind may suggest that you shouldn’t be happy be with “pandemic life” – you’re not at work, enjoying a night out at your favorite restaurant, or spending time with friends – but oddly enough you’re happy! The truth is, the simplicity of these joys can carry over post-pandemic.

Your spirit guides – those non-earthly buddies who are glued to your energy system for the duration of this current lifetime – constantly speak to you via authentic emotions of joy. These intuitive clues illuminate which path to take, hoping you will ignore the musings of your logical mind and simply take a leap of faith. The opportunity to live your life differently this past year has created stunning moments of clarity. You can embrace this clarity and make permanent changes – alterations that excite you and inspire genuine expansion – but you will need to take a trusting leap and go for it! Luckily, your guides are here to assure a lovely transition.

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