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Intuition Cannot Be Interpreted by the Logical Mind

Your beautiful logical mind is a perfect tool, providing you with the resources needed to move through each day with ease. Your mind wants to help you balance your checkbook, schedule your next hair appointment, and manage that necessary oil change for your car. Choosing healthy solutions to your present moment needs is its strong suit.

For all its rational genius, your mind cannot accurately express who to love, where to live, or what to do for a living – work that not only provides bountiful resources, but rich fulfillment too. Though your mind may offer you much advice on these subjects, it is not to be trusted. The mind cannot detect inspiration or magic. Deep powerful love, abundance, and wonderful physical healing are not rational experiences. They occur when you allow yourself to experience astonishing breakthroughs of self-awareness. These moments in life lead to inspired action.

It is brilliant that your mind knows how to reason. It would be superb if you believed that this is all your mind knows to do. Then you would feel free to let go of its constant unsatisfied processing and learn how to connect to your emotional body, where bountiful true insight lives.

Mistakenly, many people exercise their mind’s eye to discover magic. However, the third eye serves as a television screen. It offers images, sounds, and feelings expressed from your true feeling center, where all intuition originates. If you use your third eye to discover insight, overthinking and overanalyzing will ensue. Answers that come about from processing logic will always be inaccurate.

Thankfully, intuition is 100 times more precise than analytical thinking. You have wonderful, extremely helpful, and powerful intuitive solutions inside of you. Your mind will never be able to understand this delightful and captivating precise knowing. For insight is not a logical experience. In fact, it is only when you are truly present – a profound state of being where time seems to stand still, captivating you through seemingly normal moments of pure joy – that the words that come to mind can be trusted.

Quieting thoughts before asking an intuitive question is key to accessing authentic answers. When the mind is noiseless, the instinctive TV screen turns on. Once this occurs, an auric sensation conveys a signal to your body to pay attention. Not to your thoughts but to seemingly random images, sensations, or sounds.

When you notice the auric wink, all the information that follows (minus any notification from your thoughts), is important to gather. Whether you are seeing, hearing, or feeling, wait until the movie, feelings, or musical ends. Then ask yourself what is the simplest way to decipher this message? For intuition is direct, kind, and effortless.


All my love,

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