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Ask Marie

Hi Marie,

It seems that I have chosen to take on a significant amount of challenging life lessons in this life: childhood sexual abuse, multiple rapes, mother who committed suicide, divorce, major challenges with money, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy as well as my own struggles with depression and suicidal ideation.

What would be the reason for taking on so many challenges? What might I be trying to learn or become in this lifetime?

Warmest regards,



Dear Ariane,

I am so sorry for the many challenges you have experienced in this lifetime. A simple action that could create massive change quickly is to not think of, or talk about, these things again. At least not until you have a different resonance regarding them.

Many things happen for a reason. But these answers are personal and come about through taking a break from the trauma(s). Speaking about, and thinking about, historical events that caused enormous pain only attract more potential suffering.

You have a great memory and your recall of the distress going over and over again in your mind is causing you to remain in the energetic vibration of these disturbances.

Talking about it further releases the vibration of the traumas into the Universe and the Universe can only respond to our vibration with the same frequency.

My homework to you is to not talk about your history, or think about your history, for three months and see where you are then. You will need to be consistent with the absence of thought and talk about the pain for three concurrent months.

Let me know how it goes!



Hello Marie,

I have two things I’d love to get a reading on. My daughter in law doesn’t want me in their lives. They have a four year old. I have agreed to step back. As you can imagine, it hurts like heck. Some days I’m good, other days I wonder if they’ll ever let me in. I haven’t seen or talked to them for almost a year (they live an hour away) and I’m missing out on my grandson growing up.

My other ‘thing’ is I’ve been divorced from their dad for almost 10 years. I’ve dabbled in a little online dating but am not comfortable with it and never act on any opportunities. I reconnected with an old boyfriend for about a year who then he died of cancer. I know I must have a ‘block’ regarding bringing love into my life, but I don’t know how to clear it.

Thank you so much for your time,



Dear Joan,

I am so sorry that the relationship sector of your life has been challenging. When I look at your energy, I see an incredibly old pattern of not feeling loved and a strong vibration of betrayal. This pattern is partly from a few past lives and it was reactivated with your moms’ pattern that is or was remarkably similar. However, I do think this can be remedied quickly.

I would love for you to start repeating this what if question – what if I am a wonderful and well-loved mother and grandmother? Do this every hour while awake for several minutes at a time.

Now the trick to repeating what if questions is that you cannot think about the problem or allow your mind to seek a solution while asking the question. When posed as a question, the words stimulate your brain to release different chemicals that are the opposite of not feeling loved. Once the chemicals move below the brain through the blood brain barrier, your energy system will calibrate a frequency (movement of energy particles) that will match the positive solution to your what if question. This will also lead you to allowing more desirable partners into your life.

Good luck!




When I’m meditating, I breathe in stability and strength and breathe out fear. Given the poser of feelings, I wonder if I need to feel fear or not. I don’t want to feel fear unnecessarily or encourage more fear.

Is there a way to feel the fear in a controlled way? Or can you give some guidance on how to I release fear?

Thank you. Love you!



Dear Lisa,

Fear is an illusion and manifests negative energy. Do not invite it in or try to control it. Ignore it. It is not real. Your ego is uncomfortable with your expansion. Manage your mind and your thoughts. Breathe in peace and love and do not consider the meaning of your breath out.



Hi Marie,

My adult son has been having infrequent seizures since he was 12 years old. He had these under control and was living a normal life. Three years ago he started having these episodes where he would get very light headed, disoriented, and confused. This happens to him all the time and has completely changed his life. He is afraid to go anywhere. We have exhausted every medical avenue and have not found any answers. Can you shed any light on what could be causing this and what steps we can take to heal him?

I would deeply appreciate any help you can give us.

Thank you,



Dear Judy,

Has your son seen an energy worker or a naturopathic doctor? I quickly scanned his brain and can see a small jumble of energy that needs relief and rerouting. This could be resolved through energy work. Your son also needs to relax. He stresses out frequently even when he’s not dealing with infrequent seizure activity. Homeopathic remedies might work great for him as well as flower essences. As his energy system is sensitive, he will also need to work on changing his thoughts as they keep his vibration in a low frequency.

Please let me know how it goes if your son decides to try these different types of healing modalities.




I consider myself a positive person, love what if questions, positive affirmations, and spiritual seeking. My 35-year-old daughter was killed last month. I know her soul lives on, I can feel her spirit, and understand that I need to give myself time to grieve in my physical reality. These feelings of such deep sadness are unchartered territory for me. I’ve lost others, connected with them psychically, and moved through it. With this one I am unmoored. How do I move grief through my energetic system so it doesn’t remain stuck? Is there a meditation or a what if question that would help?

Thank you Marie,



Dear Melita,

I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved daughter. I don’t think you, or anyone, can move through grief that quickly. Instead, I would encourage you to enjoy the grief. I know that sounds odd. But real grief is a necessary experience. It must feel odd when you have been an optimistic person most of your life and the vibration of happiness has worked for you when challenges occurred.

But now is the time to surrender to the pain authentically. You have suffered a major loss and great reward and expanded awareness is beyond the grief.

I would consider working with a grief counselor to assist you in moving through this experience with more ease and awareness.

When one is expressing true grief there will be moments of joy, too.



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