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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Any time there is a situation happening in your life or in the world that pushes your buttons, think of it as an opportunity or a precious moment in time when you will allow yourself to practice the art of letting go.

The situation, whether it appears personal or a public matter, really is not about you. Your soul is constantly looking for an opening into your mind where you might learn to surrender. This is because letting go is one of the most powerful acts you will ever accomplish. The more you do it and become comfortable with its power, the more the Universe can gift you with unique and precious outcomes.

Energy Pulse

Seeing into the future is a normal and happy occurrence when you allow yourself to let go of the concept of time and move your awareness into the authentic reality of the higher self. Everyone who exists has a higher self, including new souls that are coming into existence. This expansive part of oneself sees, hears and feels the greater good. The unbounded awareness of the higher self perceives all lifetimes as it shares best outcomes. The human concept of time is not calculated in the answer. Yet a measurement may exist within its observation.

Perhaps you’re comfortable communicating with the Divine/higher self/the Universe on a regular basis but feel that the answers you receive are murky or unavailable. Possibly you have never reached out to the stars for an answer to an important life question. Either way, asking a question into the void is healthy and normal, and it could easily provide you with a powerful solution. Below find the top five things to know before you seek an answer from the Universe.

  1. Make sure your energy is high. Feel happy before you even consider what question to ask. The Universe’s energy is always high on life. You want your energy to be close to its vibration to better understand its messaging.
  2. How you ask a question matters. Before attempting a question, detach your energy from the concern or need-to-know desire. While formulating your question use language that is neutral to the issue or wording that will not push your buttons or create concern. For example, if you want to receive information about your knee pain (natural solutions, reason behind the pain, or whether the pain will ever go away), you must first stop thinking about your knee and, most importantly, whatever you’re worried about, like pain. The Universe is fully aware of your circumstances but cannot deliver an answer when your body is worried. Fear, worry and doubt will lower your vibration. The Universe can’t express to you what you want when your vibration is low.
  3. Ask the question when your body is physically relaxed and happy, not when you are hurried, hungry or tired.
  4. Try using the term “higher self” or “highest good” in the question. For example, “Please express to me what is in my highest good regarding my knees.”
  5. Wait for an answer that you know did not come from your logical brain. The answer will be a surprise. It will not seem logical in nature. But it will be super helpful and accurate. At times, an answer could take up to 48 hour to appear.
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