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Letting Go is a Superpower

You have many superpowers: the ability to love unconditionally, to care for strangers, and to see beauty in the world when logically, the splendor of our world may seem vacant.

Yet, there is one superpower that above all others, will lead to advancing the expansion of your energy system. When exercised, this superpower creates space in your body, effortlessly increasing your awareness. Allowing brilliance, genius, and magnificence to develop. Taking you quickly into the next level of your evolutionary experience.

When you were originally created, perhaps millions of years ago, the birth of your individual brilliance was evident. You neither shied away from it, nor made excuses for your prevailing bond with source energy. As a soul you are learning how to hold your commanding vibration while living in a human body. It is here in this corporeal reality, the very act of letting go will prompt realignment with your original light.

As a human, like most people, you strive to do the right thing through consultation with your logical mind. Yet, you are also light. Surging with volumes of wisdom and clarity inches away from our body, vibrating advanced consciousness throughout your aura. Your higher self waits patiently for you to simply let go. Let go of how you think things should be, how your mind thinks they should feel, and how others should respond to your choices.

It is not that you are doing something wrong when you analyze your options, or trust another’s opinion rather than your own. Focusing your mind away from needing to know is powerful. This practice is what being present really means. You are connected to a Divine force of energy that empowers you moment by moment to have, hold and experience prominence.

The rational part of your mind was exclusively created to solve linear needs in the moment, like remembering to put gas in your car, eat healthy foods, and take a shower. When you use your mind to process historical regrets or future desires, the ego is activated, engaging your mind to see, hear and feel from a fearful perspective. Captivating your precious time and energy while straining your brain to find a workable solution.

Letting go can be one of the hardest acts you will ever do. The act of surrendering and getting out of the way will feel like it will take enormous courage. And a blind trust to some unknown world you are completely unfamiliar with.

What if letting go was your first choice? Take a moment to recall a time in your life when you struggled to solve a problem, or what you thought was a problem. Perhaps you were very logical in your initial approach, attacking the situation with smart approaches that over time, unfortunately did not yield a healthy result. You then approached the problem with more of an etheric path to seek a solution. Yet this too did not yield a way out. Maybe months or years go by without a proper answer, you meditate daily on your lack of progress feeling pulled to slay obstruction. Finally, due to exhaustion you do the only thing you have not tried: you let go. A period of time goes by (days, weeks, or months) when suddenly out of the blue the perfect resolution is clear. It is not anything you could have thought of. It is brilliant, flawless, and fun. Authentically letting go opens energetic doorways into massive knowledge and skill sets. Opportunities in the moment, personally and professionally, become clear.

When you surrender, you avoid unnecessary speculation from your logical mind, and the minds of others, allowing your entire being to fill with light. The glow of your light aligns with your individualization. This light is permanent, weightless, and powerful beyond words. It is pure magic. It is you.

The next time you engage in energy medicine, whether as a healer, a teacher, or a client, ask yourself to let go. Tell yourself its OK; only magnificence awaits the laying down of arms. And in that moment, forget who you think you are, what you are doing, or if another is involved, what they may be wanting. Simply remind yourself that a greater enhanced experience awaits you when you let go. It is your superpower.

All my love,

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