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Change is Here

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities is one of the more famous opening lines in the history of Western literature. It is known for its literary parallels and today so aptly parallels our own current world experience.

Comprehensive conditions are changing because of a shift in beliefs. When this happens, like the occurrence of a very rare blue moon, what once seemed like a normal activity becomes shockingly unfamiliar. This makes many feel as if they have no control of their personal domain.

Our Universe is telling us that we are off track. We have reached a place of no return because we are unaligned. To get back on track will require a new way to experience the world.

If you have ever met someone who has recovered from a life-threating illness or survived a near-death experience, he or she will share with you that their whole perception about themselves and their world drastically changed following that transformative trial. The changes – for the better they will share – occurred during the darkest moments.

We, as a global entity, are going through this same type of transformation. The conversion for each person or group of people, like a family unit or a work force, may be unique. But every human being on planet Earth is experiencing a new truth. The new honesty will reboot our consciousness into a new powerful, happier and healthier reality.

Each of us faces a different dilemma. Some are becoming aware that their family relationships are better or much worse than they had previously realized. Corporations are surprised to learn that individuals who work from home are far more productive than earlier statistics had indicated. Many children are excelling with online learning vs. the conventional school model because of less peer pressure and more play time.

It has become abundantly clear that the American health care system is severely flawed while citizens of other countries do not face personal economic paralysis during a pandemic (or any other time for that matter). The presumption in the U.S. that employers provide an amazing health insurance benefit for their employees is now lost as millions of Americans are not only unemployed but also uninsured.  While wearing a face mask to the gas station, grocery store and post office has become normal, we are realizing an even more horrifying truth: people of color have been and are currently subjected to regular unprovoked racist encounters.

So here we are. In transition. There is no going back. The disease (and there are a few of them) is raging through our society. However, it will not last forever. It will subside, and what we do in this moment is everything. Even though you are an individual, you are also part of the whole. What you do matters. How you vibrate your energy will affect your personal life in a highly constructive way and ultimately aid in the positive shift for all of humanity.

Below is a powerful vibrational tool that will immediately assist your personal life in affirmative ways while assisting you to take inspired action globally.

All my love,


Layering Positive Frequencies

When energy quickly rises from your awareness, it surpasses self-limits and awakens your dreams to the physical reality. Layering several techniques achieves higher frequency vibrations for longer periods of time, skyrocketing past false philosophies while downloading new beliefs into your neurotransmitters. The amount of time you spend in high energetic pulsations matters. In a way, your energy system requires tiny energetic earthquakes regularly to help you grow and stay awake.

Let’s begin with the way that you initially focus your attention in the world – are you a visual, auditory or a feeling type of person in the way you perceive your surroundings? When you know, choose something to focus on positively. Once you align to the natural feeling of happiness, introduce a positive What If Question into your thoughts.

Positive What If Questions work faster than affirmations because they do not require support from the ego or your belief system. Below, find several What If Question options, to layer your positive sensory happiness with.

~ What if all my dreams have come true?

~ What if my body is amazingly healthy?

~ What if I feel loved, adored and cherished?

~ What if I’m working successfully in the field of my dreams?

~ What if I’m on path and everything is working out better than I could imagine?

When your visual, auditory or feeling focus is working well and you would like to layer the effect to enhance your vibration, seek out authentic gratitude, especially for benign and underappreciated things in our world such as a simple stop sign. Arbitrary, ordinary things hold energy, as all things do, because they are made from non-visible subatomic particles. Objects that are used often, like a stop sign, have massive stored particles. When you appreciate them, they will naturally release the stockpiled energy directly to you. They appreciate your gratitude for them!

Appreciating something from your past that was exceptional, like graduating from school, getting married, having children or traveling to foreign lands is another wonderful way to layer your vibration. Make sure that you don’t allow your mind to wander past the desired memory into uncomfortable territory where the vibration is low. Maintain a simple focus on your truly fabulous past.

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