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Toughen Your Mental Power and Thrive

Life can at times have scary moments. Interestingly enough, we are experiencing a global scary moment, at least in most people’s minds, regarding the current pandemic. Yet, frightening events can be used to your advantage when it comes to strengthening one’s mind in the ecosphere of confident thinking.

Your mind is a powerful tool. When it’s used properly, good vibes, and surprising positive outcomes will follow you in every area of your life.  If you allow your energy system to learn new tricks, especially during a startling time (whether globally or personally), you will effectively train your brain to work properly.

Worrying exists to only antagonize your autonomic nervous system. Being in a stressful state activates your sympathetic nervous system, which leads to increased heart rate, retention of cortisol in your body, and all of the negative side effects associated with the fight-or-flight response. Besides reducing a healthy immune response, the sympathetic retort depletes your ability to reason from your higher consciousness, where authentic wisdom originates. However, the parasympathetic natural state of your autonomic system allows for mental relaxation, creating feelings of safety while maintaining immune homeostasis necessary for conscious growth. Plus, the inspiration on how to resolve any need you might have in your life right now comes while in this state.

The intuitive clarity we all seek is present within your being, as it has always been.  Apprehension only leads to roadblocks that could reduce your overall wellbeing. In fact, the true pandemic that requires healing is the overuse of fearful analytical thinking. Your mind was created to provide logical solutions for the present moment. Unless you are currently healing from a real health issue, your mind cannot be present when you are fearfully thinking about a virus or any other potential disease of the body. Ruminating on something you’d like to avoid which might happen in the future will lower your immune health. The brain is so powerful that what you think matters more than you could imagine. Thoughts release powerful chemicals that pass through the blood-brain barrier, affecting your organs, blood, and lymphatic system.  The chemicals created from positive thoughts naturally neutralize the mind, leading to highly sought-after altered states of mental activity.

You may not be aware of the genius that lives inside of you. And how would you recognize its existence while preoccupied with an overwhelming need to obsess about things that have never happened to you? Despite your distraction, your genius is alive and well, filled with wonderful knowledge that is perfect for your present moment. Activating this highly intelligent quality will require a new approach to your everyday life. The outcomes will be desired, fast and surprising. Let’s get started right now and begin a happier, healthier, and vastly fulfilled life.

First, you might want to do a little internal research and calculate how much time you spend detached from the present moment, focused on fear.  To aide in your research, here are helpful hints about what it feels like to be present:

*The present moment is void of worry.

*You will feel grounded and alert to the magic of your surroundings.

*Every moment has a delightful quality, like taking a walk in the woods.

*You may feel like your memory has faded for a few seconds as you mind stops processing unnecessary information.

*You will receive spontaneous inspiration that is truly needed in your life…not necessarily what you think you need.

Being present is our normal state. Worrying about previous events that have already passed, or future events that have yet to occur, is not normal. Inside your body are trillions of energy particles that vibrate in a frequency equal to what you focus on. For most people, this means the energy in their body vibrates at a low frequency due to the negativity they focus on. Everything you wish for in your life is also full of energy, but vibrates in a high frequency. As positive thoughts are also energy, they literally vibrate their particle mass above all negative experience.

Luckily, there is a powerful and easy tool to transform the energy in your body, and ultimately your life. By using your mind to align with a positive vibration, you will become more present and aware of your genius. The simple tool of repeating positive what if questions(silently or out loud) throughout your day will release happy chemicals into your body, reduce anxiety, and support a wonderful new reality. You are already repeating what if questionsthroughout the day (what if I get the corona virus)? However, they are fear/worry based.

To further your research regarding the present moment and creating a wonderful life, try repeating some of the “what if” questions listed below.

*What if my life is amazing?

*What I’m healthy?

*What if my family is well?

*What if I’m on the right track?

*What if everything is working out for me?

*What if I’m enjoying feeling the present moment?

*What if wealth easily flows into my life?

*What if I love my life?

*What if I feel loved, adored and cherished?

*What if the world is healing?

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