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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

Everything in the Universe has incredible magic. Sometimes life events make it appear difficult to notice enchantment. However, cherished moments are still very near.  Being present may be a requirement to perceive beautiful and fascinating happenings all around you.  But they are always near.

The current virus affecting our world requires keen awareness of your surroundings.  Washing your hands, sanitizing your home, car, or work environment. Covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. And most annoying… not touching your face. All of these actions are protecting you and your loved ones at this time. These actions are requiring you to be present.

Something special happens when you are offering your energy in the moment. Everything expands, as if a slowing down has transpired.  Your surroundings become still, and it is during these times you can see, hear, and feel magic.  Answers to questions can be heard. Real feelings that are necessary for decision making become obvious.  Knowingness is abounding.

Right now is the perfect time to practice the art of being present and to observe your Divine connection to the Universe.


Energy Pulse ~

If you have had an appointment with me, you know that one of the things I do in sessions is make toning sounds. Fun fact: I was taught this technique by a being who appeared in my office while I was in session with a client many years ago. The being, who was wearing a nun’s habit (very similar to Sally Field’s habit in the television series, The Flying Nun), taught me to make noise through my mouth and sinuses. The sound creates a vibrational frequency that generates high energetic pulsations that aide in healing.

I often teach this technique in workshops. I’m sharing this information today because we’re all needing a little healing! Utilizing sound vibrations can quickly shift subatomic energy to positively support your immune system.  If you don’t want to make your own toning sounds to lift your vibration (bacteria and viruses vibrate in a low frequency), try using toning forks, or singing bowls. Simply lie or sit in a comfortable position.  If you’re using toning forks, you can use them on your body. If you’re using singing bowls, allow the pulsation of their song to fill the air! If you are brave enough to make your own sounds, simply lay a hand on your third chakra (mid-abdomen) while you sing to your beautiful body.

I recorded a few minutes of toning (see below) to offer another opportunity to uplift the frequency of your cells, organs and physiology.

Listen to Recording Here

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