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Ask Marie

Hi Marie,

Awhile back I called in. You let me know all my chakras were beautiful, but my root chakra was needing a little help and you addressed that I needed to relax and repeat, “I am safe”.

After years of childhood trauma & then healing from it, I now have children with life long medical conditions. I often feel stressed, exhausted, and have not had a break in 14 years. It’s all catching up, yet I do everything I can for them and often do not have any energy left for myself. My digestion (yes, you called it that I have 2 gallstones) often suffers and I eat the same foods every day to try to minimize any further issues. I am often trying to enjoy life to the fullest with them but in the back of my mind I’m always on high alert for an emergency or worried I will miss a symptom/trigger. My son has almost died in my arms multiple times, and my daughter has 2 autoimmune disorders that can wreak havoc if not living life from a preventative stance. Sometimes it’s too much for one person.

I’m tired. Often scared. Worried. And yet, my spirit says I need a little freedom to grow, to live, to experience, to be more than just a caregiver. I miss relaxing. I miss eating. I miss sleep.

Any advice, I’m grateful for.

Thank you for all that you do,



Dear Melissa,

I’m so sorry for the difficulties you have been experiencing for most of your life! I wish I could take a white board eraser and simply wipe them away.  It feels like much of what you’re experiencing now is leftover trauma from your childhood, following you into your adult/motherhood life. However, we can alleviate this energetic experience, even though the new experiences originate from your children. Many times, when individuals schedule a session for one of their children, my mind knows that I will address the parent’s concerns with their beloved baby, but my mind also knows how powerful the mind is. What a Mom, Dad, grandparent, sibling, etc. feels through their mind matters more than we will ever fully understand. Especially when it comes to the energy shared with children. For kids are like sponges, absorbing the energetic particles we offer through our vibration. Typically, if someone is offering fear through their energy system, even if the fear is logical, a young person’s vibration will match the vibration of those they spend time with.  

So, the only person we need to energetically work with at this time is you.  And yes, as you shift your energy system, your wonderful children will shift their energy, too.  

Let’s start with some very healing what if questions. Here is a list of personalized what if questionsI would like you to repeat throughout the day.

*What if I’m not my childhood?

*What if good health is a normal experience for me?

*What if my body, mind and spirit are aligned in magical ways?

*What if my family is blessed with positive energy?

*What if I’m loveable?

Try these for three to four months and keep me posted with your progress.



Hi Marie,

My name is Mariana and the ringing in my ears is very bad all the time, and my digestion always takes a long time. Can you help and tell me what to do? Is some food not good for me?

I read a book about the Epstein-Barr Virus and the symptoms of it. There are a lot of them. Since I have some of them, do I have the EBV? If I do please let me know what I can do to cure it.

Thank you Marie for all you do,



Dear Mariana,

 I think your symptoms are hormonally related. I would recommend that you start taking herbs to support your adrenal glands as these glands are the power house for our entire endocrine system, which includes your reproductive hormones.




Hi Marie,

I have been wondering if you could provide insight as to why we incarnated during this current political ‘circus’ & what, in general, a soul would want to learn from these past 4 presidential/political years.

I am struggling to find answer, more than disappointment, in how humans can be towards one another, which upsets me.

Thank you,



Dear Gwendolyn,

 I LOVE this question. It’s probably my favorite type of question to receive. So, thank you for asking this for all those who also struggle with “why are we here at this time in history” type questions.

In general, there are two types of beings on earth: old souls and new souls. All beings choose to travel to earth for a lifetime. A being’s lifetime could be long, or it could be short. Souls do not concern themselves with time, as time is a man-made phenomenon. Each being has its own individual interest of what it would like to accomplish while living in a physical reality, but there exists a common unique theme for each soul group. Older souls, having lived many thousands of lifetimes, wish to learn the art of letting go.  Senior souls are filled with enormous compassion, and though this is an incredible feat, letting go is a priority for them in terms of desired learning. Their compassionate spirit typically creates an inability to surrender and let go. Younger souls are on the path of discovering the art of empathy. Their beings seek opportunities to deeply understand kindness and consideration.

You, Gwendolyn, are an old soul. This historic time on earth is the perfect opportunity for you to gain the desired knowledge of surrender and become self-compassionate. Get out of the way. Stop caring so much and leave the healing to your younger soul counter parts who crave opportunities to learn what you already know.



Hi Marie,

I have one question: this summer visiting my homeland Bulgaria I text my old friend, his name is Valentin, and he never text me back. Will I ever going to connect with him? I need some type of closure.

Thank you so much and thank you for everything you do.




Dear Milena,

Perhaps your friend Valentin may have gotten a new phone since you last saw him? I think this is a perfect opportunity for you to let go. Not an easy experience for most people. Closure comes when we surrender and get out of the way. Try using this what if question…What if I surrender?



Hi Marie,

In this past week 3 items of glass have shattered in front of me. One very large picture fell off the wall and glass shattered everywhere. Then I knocked my glass scale with my toe into the toilet (not even hard – I didn’t even feel it) and it shattered into a bazillion pieces. Then today, a plate I carried all the way from Italy on my carry on bag 8 years ago slipped out of my hand and shattered. Curious as to what is going on. What does shattered glass mean in the spiritual world? What message am I supposed to be receiving? This is crazy to me. So much shattered glass in 7 days time. Appreciate it.



Dear Barbara, 

I’m sorry about the messes that are calling for your attention these days. Especially the Italian plate. Italy is still one of my favorite countries on Earth. Clearly the Universe is trying its darndest to get you to notice something important. Is there something in your life you are avoiding? Or have avoided for many years, and now, due to some normal life changes you could address the situation? I’m being told…just because you have gotten used to a matter in your life, doesn’t mean that you can’t change it.  It is never too late to make happier choices. I would take inventory of your surroundings and your personal joy, to discover what you are glossing over to keep the calm.



Hi Marie,

I’m writing because my husband and I are in pretty bad finances right now (and have been for years, increasingly worse each year); I am a stay at home mom nearly due with my third, and I am just at a loss of what I am to do to create wealth, what my gifts are and how we can have more financial security. I know I have grown up with a poverty mindset and have struggled with “having enough” my whole life. I repeat what if questions on abundance, but how does one create it when we are struggling to meet our most basic needs?

I am eager to place my energy into work (in the future when I have time!) that brings me joy but also am not sure how due to living in the country on a small island and having few monetary resources for schooling and or start up funds for a business. Any advice on these matters is much appreciated!

Warmest regards,



Dear Cherie,

Thank you for writing into the newsletter and offering a vital question that so many can relate to. Money is a necessary item to have in the world we live in, as it is the primary way we trade. Many people have negative feelings about the word money.  Most of our beliefs were created before the age of five and remain unconscious for most of our lifetime. These beliefs have nothing to do with who we are, as they were created when we overheard the conversations of others, or the perceptions we created from what we witnessed before we turned five.  It is these repressed believes that limit us in all that we desire.

Thankfully you do not need to know your repressed beliefs to change your subconscious. But you will have to make some changes. First, it will be important to stop using the word “money”.  Until you create a positive relationship with money, this word needs to be replaced, as its vibration for now only lowers your vibration.

Instead of saying “money” use words like wealth, finances, or abundance instead. Most likely you do not have negative beliefs about these words. Only speak positively about your wealth. You are no longer allowed to speak negatively about the energy of abundance.  Even though this request may seem difficult, it is highly necessary, as the fifth chakra is the most powerful chakra in the body.  When you speak, your words go out into the Universe like a boomerang, returning to you the vibration you released through your words.

Most importantly, it will be imperative that you create a new relationship with money. Here are some tips that will help you accomplish this goal:

*Before you interact with your finances (open a purse, wallet, mail, or online finances), check your energy. Stop your mind and only focus on joyful thoughts that probably have nothing to do with abundance. Allow your mind to focus only on happy things during these times.

*When you use a what if question, do not analyze or process the answer. Only repeat the question out loud or silently, then release your thoughts about all things and allow the vibration from the question to change your energy.



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