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Ask Marie

Hi Marie,

I have a problem with my heart beating fast after I eat. Am I allergic to food? If yes, what am I allergic too? I’d like to ask you also about my throat. Sometimes I gag and have to drink a lot of water to clear it. Thank you for helping, Marie.

God bless you for helping people,



Dear Mary,

I feel like you have a lot of anxiety; the type of anxiety that isn’t adrenal driven but mind driven. Overthinking about potential fearful situations is a common human pass time and an anxiety driven activity. Over the next three months, when you first awaken in the morning, practice sitting quietly. Maybe with a warm cup of tea, perhaps outside with a warm blanket or near a heater if you live in a cool climate. Just sit and be with nature, or sit somewhere lovely in your home. Practice this quiet time for about 15 minutes each morning before reading any news or email, or texting or calling anyone. This, I believe, will train your mind to focus on the present moment rather than the future, which has yet to produce itself. This will ultimately calm down your body and create a new, healthier way to be in the world.



Hi Marie,

Reading the questions you responded to in your latest newsletter, has led me to ask this:

I have had breast cancer four times; the first time in 1995, then 2010, 2013 and 2017. The first three were all different kinds of breast cancer. The most recent one metastasized from the 2013 one. Luckily it only metastasized to the skin near where my breast had been. Minor surgery was able to remove it all, and I’ve been completely cancer free since then.

I liked the question a reader had for you, “What’s up with this?”

Thanks so much for any help you might be able to give.



Dear Beverly,

I am so sorry for your health challenges! And I’m so grateful you are well and keeping your health in a gorgeous place! Congratulations!! Breast tissue for women is about repressed grief. The emotion, old and stuck in the tissues, can lead to health problems. I feel that all the different times you were diagnosed eventually lead you to fully expressing your grief. Your energy feels strong to me. Sometimes strong individuals have difficulty feeling vulnerable and allowing others to care for them or even asking for what they need. I’m sure that throughout the diagnoses you have improved on allowing your body to release the energy that creates health issues in the chest.



Hi Marie,

I’ve learned a lot from your audio book, “How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides”. I’m in early stages of mediumship. I was able to give a beautiful message to a lady I didn’t know on an airplane. I was right on target. I need to open my third eye. I know I have it. I do the exercise you told us about with the wall. Is there anything else you can tell me, please?

Thank you & God Bless


Dear Adele,

Your third eye is open! Sometimes, it’s the skill of getting out of our way to be available when perfect opportunities arise, just as the airplane prospect did. Try communicating with the multisensory world throughout your day by saying something like this: “Thank you for the strong bond and constant connection with me as a medium! Thank you for my advanced mediumship abilities and all the joy it brings me!”

Real prayer is done with initial gratitude for what we desire as if it has already appeared. In the eyes of creation, everything we desire is already here!

I’m currently working on creating coaching programs that will span over 4 to 5 months in length, focusing on specific subjects like mediumship and energy healing. So stay tuned for that!



Hi Marie!

When meditating and trying to speak to my Spirit Guide(s), at the beginning it was amazing, but recently I seem unable to get through. Before I also felt he/they were always with me, and now I feel so alone. I am in a really awful situation in life and if ever I wished I could talk them it would be now. The other question is it seems I only have one Spirit Guide, a man in white with grey hair, I call him the Wise Man, lol. He looks like the stereotypical old wise man! Is this normal to have only 1?

Thank you again Marie for being who you are and helping us all guide our way through life’s ups and downs! I swear your book literally saved me.

Hugs from afar,



Dear Jennifer,

You have 11 spirit guides, the man you wrote of is your primary guide…a lovely and wise individual! Here is a tip that might be helpful: When meditating, and you feel or see even the beginning of energy, don’t wait for more of the experience to be revealed to you. Join the energy, as if part of you or all of you is walking towards it or into it. Initiating a connection is an important part of using one’s insight, as if the universe is waiting for us to say “Hey, I see you, and I ‘m excited that we are consciously together again”.

Let me know how it goes!



Hello Marie,

Today I want to ask you a question about my daughter, Camille. She will turn 17 in November. Our dentist made an x-ray to follow the growth of her wisdom teeth and see if there’s enough space available for them in the jaw. She thinks that 2 of the teeth may not be positioned correctly in the future and suggested that we have the 4 teeth removed even if they are not causing problems now.

I’m worried and my daughter (which doesn’t know yet) is an anxious person too…

What is your opinion about this situation? Should we have them removed?

I’m looking forward to your answer and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time!

Best Wishes,



Dear Sylvie,

I think you should wait and let your daughter, when she turns 18, make her own choice. Certainly, you can talk about it and offer your own opinion, but why not let her make the choice for her own body? And because they most likely won’t become an issue for a while (or maybe not at all) you have time to let her choose.



Dear Marie,

Thank you for answering my question! Ever since I became pregnant almost seven years ago with my first, my sex drive and ability to enjoy sex has greatly diminished. Now, pregnant with my third (but even before my third), I have no sex drive and often feel sex is somewhat painful and quite hard now to experience orgasm. I am really upset by this because I don’t know what to do, I love my husband and am very attracted to him, but I feel broken in that regard. Any help would help me! I don’t want this to further create issues in my marriage, which it unfortunately already has. To end, I want to say that before the babies I loved sex and had what I used to call a “high” sex drive!




Dear Cherie,

Congratulations on your third child and the wonderful family you and your husband have created. Speaking of your husband, I think your lack of orgasm or diminished sex drive, has more to do with your relationship, now that you have a blooming family, and less about your lady parts.

To make sure, practice some easy yoga pelvic floor exercises. This will circulate blood and energy to your wonderful sexual organs. Also, begin having some private time with your husband (date night) without the kids, to get to know one another now that you have become different people…parents.



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