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Separation is an Illusion

I often wonder if there is an exact moment when a being, so amazing and full of grace, forgets its way.

When it reduces its vibration so easily, eventually feeling comfortable thinking and feeling about sad, sometimes terrifying thoughts, even if those thoughts are the opposite of their current reality. Perhaps when each being brings their energy to earth and passes through the veil (an energetic membrane that surrounds earth), their eternal awareness of who they really are temporarily erases its awareness and deletes past life information that may cloud what they want to learn during a new lifetime.

As we grow, we easily connect to social consciousness, manifesting even more separation from our true co-creative selves. I personally feel the incident that leads to negative thoughts, words and eventually events, happens during childhood. Probably when someone we trust says something unkind or forgets to apologize or take responsibility for their own negative thinking or expectations. And somehow we believe it, cascading our perception into self-criticism, evaporating the knowledge of the magical instinctive being we truly are.

Regardless of the reasons why we separate from the divine cellular memory of who we truly are, the natural genesis inside of us can easily assist in manifesting whatever you wish. This genesis requires our energy be in an elevated vibration.  Happiness allows us the ability to tap into our spontaneous power.

Even though we’re very familiar with the spirit of happiness, we somehow keep finding reasons to feel the opposite. It’s like an epidemic, constantly affirming all the potential and actual problems at hand.

It doesn’t seem to matter where we live, what the weather is, time of day or time of year. There seems to be a litany of things to complain about or feel disappointed about. Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Seattle … I mean really stunning. The temperature was in the mid-sixties, very little rain for the past week and not a cloud in the sky. Yet I heard many conversations around me worried about how hot the summer will be because of the perfect spring weather.

Even though this type of common conversation seems benign, words expressed through the vibration of the fifth chakra exudes power.

Empowering energy moves into the area where the fifth chakra is located: the cervical vertebrae, thyroid gland and esophagus.

True Power Opens Your Soul 

When people speak their true emotions, I see an energy heat wave caused by thousands of subatomic particles moving into the front of their fifth chakra. This energy comes from the soul. Your soul knows all things and resonates only with truth. When we avoid our truth or lie, we leak vital life-force energy from the fifth chakra, potentially causing illness in the structures the chakra supports.

Most people avoid their truth – smiling when they’re not happy, telling others they’re fine when they’re actually heart-broken, broke, mad or sick. Stranger still, many people hide feelings of happiness so as not to make others uncomfortable. In fact, most people repress their emotions so strongly that they push them deep within their body, creating stagnant energy and weakening their energy system.

It’s empowering to tell another (or even yourself) what you really feel. When others know what you’re actually feeling, they have an opportunity to know the real you and can better nurture you in a way that supports your individuality.

Happy feelings, words and actions not only grant you access to your innate superpowers but also provide important answers and resolutions when unwanted stuff happens in our lives. It’s like sending sparkly fairy dust into your future, past and present moment all at once.

Albert Einstein believed that he was granted universal knowledge beyond the times he was living in part because of his daily regimen of finding 100 things to be grateful for. A truly happy exercise.

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