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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~

Whatever seems to be difficult in your life right now, ask your being to show you all the positive. No matter the situation, the Universe (your inner being) fully understands the opportunities you desire. This includes finding the higher awareness of your life’s unwanted situations.

Get quiet, relax and ask the Universe for the positive reality of any situation. Make sure to write down your finding so you may refer to it if you return to a doom and gloom mental occupation.



Energy Pulse ~

Every time you reevaluate or think about the areas of your life where you feel disappointment, you’re lowering your energy. Take the next few weeks to reeducate your mind to leave it! As the uncomfortable images, memories and feelings reemerge through thoughts, stop your mind. Ask your mind to leave it, just as you would tell a favorite pet to leave yucky stuff on the ground when out for a walk.

If you continue to feel painful emotions of the past (or the present), you reengage in that vibration, attracting a repeat, or new, difficult events. Repeated events may not have the same actors but they will have the same story.

The ability to delete an outdated life and replace it with a desired one is part of our DNA. Each of us abides forever as co-creators in constant union with universal knowledge and powerful energy. When each one of us exploded into expanded consciousness, our uniqueness was born. Our range of awareness encompasses desires and gifts meant to help each of us birth wishes and abilities into this beautiful third dimensional space, creating art, abundance, love and extraordinary adventures. Fueled by positivity, your natural manifesting quality never goes away or takes a vacation.

June 3

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June 3

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