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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse – August 2018

Mystic Moment

Many planets will be turning retrograde, or maintaining their retrograde position in August. While being drenched in eclipse energy, following three powerful eclipses over the last six weeks, these cosmic happenings are creating quite a bit of unusual planetary energy.

When the moon or the sun is eclipsed, light radiates into the darkness of our consciousness, illuminating new information and releasing a wave of freedom into our lives. During these times, it’s also common to have secrets revealed, especially hidden information from many years ago. The current eclipse energy could bring new things to light throughout the year.

With so much potential awakening energy surrounding eclipse times, it’s best to lighten your schedule. Take time for naps, and be prepared to be surprised. Even though hidden information could be alarming, truth is a light barer, highlighting our path with inspiration and enthusiasm and allowing each of us a moment of truth that could change everything!

Energy Pulse
(and a 3 Week Challenge!)

I’m a huge fan of creating and reciting positive, curious questions that are in alignment with a desire. Today I’m going to ask you to take a 3 Week Challenge using one of the “What If” questions provided below! Personally, I believe affirmations created to stimulate the mind to align to a new desired belief rarely work, because the ego resides in the mind and is drenched in fear.

Thankfully, the ego is not threatened by curiosity, and will not block curious questions (positive or negative) from creating new pathways within your brain’s neurotransmitter formation.

Using a positive, curious question can, and usually does, work super fast in changing your life, as the energy in your body will calibrate your being and help the brain even further to create healthy beliefs. Once a belief has been grounded in your mind, your being will then allow your desire to come into our third dimensional world!!

Please choose one “What If’ question below to repeat many times, daily, for three weeks:

“What if I easily attract all the wealth I desire?”
“What if financial desires always work out for me?”

“What if my body is amazingly healthy?”
“What if my body heals with ease?”
“What if good health is a constant experience for me?”

“What if my life’s work is easily revealed to me?”
“What if my dream job is my life and fulfills all of my desires?”

“What if love is a fascinating and wonderful experience for me?”
“What if I feel loved, adored and cherished?”

“What if my life/work balance is incredible?”
“What if my life is full of exciting adventures?”

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