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Your Magical Third Eye

Through the lens of your mind’s eye – the Third Eye – located at the center of your forehead as the sixth chakra, unlimited beams of light stretch into infinity.

They sublimely intersect into and through each object you perceive, into physical matter and non-physically perceived images. They fuse your multi-sensory world together, illuminating everything within the entirety of existence, both living and that which is perceived as non-living.

Intuitives can see these beams of light almost as clearly as the computer screen you’re looking at right now. This celestial perception of conscious, white, vibrating electric beams move vividly through everything, creating a brilliant matrix of tiny glowing lights that serve as our agent. Helping us to understand the multi-sensory world.

In your Third Eye, the mind’s true eye, this template of energy fills your multi-sensory reality. The wonder of shafts of sunlight presents a subtle world through the eye and offers a diverse appreciation of your human experience. It allows insight into the universal reasons behind why things happen in the world and how we can better recognize the vast choices always present to any given situation.

Even if you are unaware of the third seeing eyeball in the middle of your forehead, chances are you have had a clandestine encounter or two that left you scratching your head with mystery. Perhaps a kind family member who never questioned your seemingly rare visions, feelings or auditory assembly, rallied your awareness just long enough for you to not doubt its magic. Or, perhaps, you haven’t noticed any cryptic shenanigans in this lifetime but still wonder if they can exist for you.

The answer is yes! Every human being is born with a Third Eye. Whether you have experience with this all-seeing perception or not, the surest way to interact with your nonphysical lens is to become present. Within this present moment, in its seemingly boring slowness, is where everything truly exists. The most authentic perception of yourself, and of all the world’s legitimacy, presents itself within stillness.

Compared to our over-analytical minds, with their non-ending dramas reinforced by constant negative media reporting and turmoil-filled television, movies and video games, the split-second twinkling of presence seems negligible. Our minds insist that we are separate and stand outside critical information when, in truth, mindfulness of the moment is where we are able to recognize that we are not separate at all but connected. And, if needed, this is where acute information can be obtained and understood.

For most of us, the need to survive a potentially terrible event is rare. Yet our thinking minds continually prepare us for some kind of trouble that is not near. If some danger or difficulty were close by, our Third Eye would provide the necessary wisdom at the perfect moment, both practical and flawless, to resolve even the most onerous threat.

Many people mistakenly believe that fearful thoughts are intuitive warnings. Knowingness or intuition is rarely, if ever, communicated through the emotion of fear. That is the ego’s limited perception of self. Choose instead not to allow fearful thoughts to dominate your mind, and eventually your neurological system will relax and seek out the calm, allowing the mind to happily give necessary information that is useful in the moment. The act of being in the moment may seem, from your analytical brain’s observation, dull or uninteresting. In truth, however, mental quiet – stillness – is the entry point into the multi-sensory world.

Working every day, and sometimes every hour, to regulate your thoughts is a necessary part of conscious growth. Unattended, the mind presents primarily negative, loud, self-deprecating and fearful words and phrases. That entreat mental processing of a limited and burdensome past, or some difficult future scenario. I consider that kind of thinking wasteful.

Through our habitual practice of fearful and worried thinking, we become detached from the field of pure consciousness. Even so, the path of light and wisdom is always available to us, awaiting each of us to receive its powerful flow of Divine energy of oneness and unity.

Each and every one of us is a unique and precious gift in the eyes of Creation. Caring souls, like angels and spirit guides, who help the Universe expand through the nurturing gaze of their love, also have full knowledge of your attributes. Animals, and every type of nature – pets, trees, house plants – likewise have knowledge of your extraordinary contributions.

As you still your mind you will, over time, unite with your super-consciousness. This is your ever-present genius capable of answering any and all questions, giving you expert guidance to allow your magnificence to come.

Here are a few reminders to encourage success in aligning with your magical mind’s eye!!

  • Stop allowing your thoughts be your decisive answers. The majority of human thinking is based in fearful and false misinformation.
  • Acknowledge and give gratitude to your super-consciousness daily, as if you have created a constant bond of perfect communication.
  • Try this ‘What If’ question for several weeks: “What if my inner eye is working perfectly?” Positive what if questions work faster than affirmations.
  • Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

All my Love,


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