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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse – February 2018

Mystic Moment

We are still strongly embraced by the first eclipse energy of the year. Some people may feel the vibration of the Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse over the next six months! During this time the Universe is on steroids, doing whatever it can to get your attention. Eclipses bring light into the darkness, illuminating information that can launch you into a better future, something that is near and dear to your heart and most likely something you are unaware of.

During this time, and each eclipse time, it’s important to meditate or create quite time communing with nature. The practiced ability of going inward to allow information into your awareness is essential. In a way, there is a big secret that is about to be revealed to you, but you must be quiet to hear (see, feel, or know) all of the relevant details.

P.S. The next major eclipse will be on February 14th.


Energy Pulse

Quieting the mind literally means not having negative thoughts. Unhappy thoughts easily become stressful pulsations of energy moving throughout your body, potentially weakening your immune system. The practice of releasing unnecessary thoughts and moving positive vibrations into your body is an art and something you are completely capable of doing. Reducing negative thoughts will begin freeing your energy to manifest positive outcomes.

To begin the practice, choose just ONE area of your life in which you desire an alternate outcome. Please do not choose the most stressful area of your life. These areas may take a little more time to alter, and confidence builds when less time is devoted to the process.

Here are some tips to silence negative thoughts:

  • Do not speak about situations in your life you wish were absent. The throat chakra is very powerful, and governs your mouth and voice box. Only use positive language when speaking about perceived challenges. What you speak, you feed energetically.
  • Regulate your thoughts. Your thoughts require control in order to align them to authentic desires. Fearful, warning thoughts are not intuitive. They are ego based, and usually false. Focus your thoughts towards something positive, over and over again if necessary, throughout your day.

Simply thinking new thoughts about any situation will begin shifting that situation’s reality.

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February 1

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


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