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Embracing Challenges – February 2018

When I was guided to write an article titled embracing challenges, I thought it was so convenient following the most politically angst-filled year of my/our lifetime (regardless of one’s political views). For some, this past year included personal struggles, adding to the dread, and for that, I’m truly sorry.

I often wonder when I’m personally affected by strife, what the real reasons behind such pain could possibly be. As a reader of human energy, I typically see (through vivid images and auditory commentary) the authentic reasons behind the emotional and physical suffering of others, but when it’s my own life I sometimes wonder and wonder, humbled by the emotional pain and internal questioning. Eventually, I remember what I have shared with those I guide; that truly challenging times are connected to unhealed, past life events that have yet to be integrated into one’s consciousness. The current unjust event somehow triggers an unhealed past life trauma that is so upsetting, we are unwilling or unable to come to peace with its narrative.

Before each incarnation to Earth, we choose specific wounds to heal during the upcoming lifespan. We may have tried to heal the perceived injustices over several incarnations, and with each natural life, we most likely but not always, gain insight and a little healing, lessening the need for severe contrast. Diversity appears, especially in physical realities, so that we may choose a new viewpoint. Earth’s unique physical reality provides countless opportunities to compare and contrast. Through compromise and new viewpoints, we eventually heal.

Still, it is these areas of life that bother us the most. You know the area of your life I’m writing about. You are aware of the problem. You may have tried everything to resolve it (heal your body, get a great job, increase income, make new friends, find real love, etc.). However, the undesired persists. Because when your focused attention is pinpointed on the unhealed issue, it simply can’t liberate.

Here’s why. Whether you are aware or unaware of your thoughts, energy flows towards what you focus on. Feelings intensify energy, which is a wonderful manifesting tool if your feelings are positive. The over-focused, intense, worried areas of your life do not need your attention. These difficult areas of your life have had your focus for far too long and remain present, despite your devotion to resolve them.


Let me share with you a personal story, as an example, of how to change one’s focus!

Nine years ago, just before the leaves began to fall, I realized that soon all three of my daughters would be in college at the very same time. Of course, this information wasn’t new. I had intentionally pushed the realization to the back of my mind, waiting for the shock to subside, so that I could think and feel financial ease for this monumental time.

As a believer that thoughts become things, I knew I needed my energy system to get into an authentic place of peace regarding the extra monies needed. For one week, I directed my mind, once again, to simply not think about it. Instead, I focused on quickening my internal vibration with thoughts of beautiful things (an easy activity when living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest), in preparation to transfer increased energetic positive thoughts about the upcoming financial requirement.

After the week passed and I had somewhat forgotten that all three children would soon be in college, I asked myself a few important questions so that I could allow my mind, and eventually my emotional body, to be in a place of allowing more resources to come into my life.

As I searched my mind for what I loved about helping my children attend university, I was instantly filled with joy, as it was a privilege and an honor to provide for what I thought was an important aspect of their development. My children’s father and I did not want them to acquire any debt regarding their education. It was this thought that really allowed my energy to soar in positivity.

As my feelings of appreciation and gratitude grew with what we were able to accomplish, I began to visualize myself happily writing a check to our youngest for her expenses. The image was spontaneous. I could see myself relaxed and happy, as if there were plenty of funds in my checking account. In the image, I was sitting on the floor in my living room (my favorite room in the house) at a huge ornate wood and glass coffee table, with thick, dreamy, blonde carved legs (one of my favorite pieces of furniture).

From that moment forward I invited this pleasing image, and the feelings that came along with it, into my day, and refused to entertain any negative thoughts or feelings about the triple-tuition payments.

Within a few weeks, one of my clients, who was a VP for a local Seattle company, asked me if I could make myself available one Friday a month to give sessions to out-of-town clients and employees. He said, “We would be happy to pay you the corporate rate,” which was basically twice my normal rate! At the time, I wasn’t working Fridays and agreed to his surprising offer and easily covered the needed expenses each month!

Your comprehension as to what you are really feeling and thinking empowers your vibration to align to desired outcomes. Refocusing your energy over and over again is the key.


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