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Stay in Your Own Lane – August 2017

So, you’re an empath. Easily feeling what others feel, distracting you from your own personal adventure. Confused about the direction of your life. Overly stimulated by sad stories, the news, or your perception of your “lonely” pet while you were busy at work.

Being an empath is hard work. It is a constant onslaught of neurological stimulation from sources outside of you. It’s an enduring feeling of guilt. Even if you have not, to your knowledge, done anything to feel remorse about.

To be empathic is a gift. Having lived eons, empaths have seen all things. And experienced a multitude of pleasant and unpleasant circumstances. Their vast knowing stretches past the earth’s atmosphere and easily enters the cosmos, providing intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, and feeling beyond the five senses. Empaths teach others through their endless ability to love, how to forgive. Moreover, they are able to see life in many shades of grey, feeling compassion for victims and predators alike. Empaths, simply put, are old souls.

Many times, an empathic individual is unaware of their gifts, feeling often bombarded with fear for our world and their own safety. Empaths tend to constantly send out their own loving energy to help and protect others, exhausting themselves and somewhat crippling their own personal happiness. Empaths are intended to have great knowing. It is their birth right and why they easily feel others. However, their gift is not meant to hold back personal happiness or freedoms. Their gift, as all gifts, is meant for the enjoyment of the possessor first. Only once a gift is recognized and utilized by the individual, can its bounty benefit others.

Due to empathic individuals easily feeling the emotions of others, misperception can arise; what is theirs vs. others inner nature. Empathic individuals require more time to decipher their own inner world of sentiments. Staying in their own lane and holding their own emotional space is a necessary practice. This mindset can define what is in their best interest, instead of unwittingly making choices that are actually in the best interest of another person, possibly even a stranger.

In a world where needing to be compassionate and remaining in the heart chakra in order to be a good person is appropriate, it is not generally good practice for an empath. Empaths naturally possess compassionate awareness.

To get an idea as to why empathic people are naturally compassionate, imagine the heart chakra; emerald green, located in the center of the chest.


A non-empathic person’s heart chakra is approximately two and a half inches in diameter. An empaths heart chakra fills their entire chest cavity, approximately 10 inches in diameter. Often, the glowing light of the empathic emerald chakra can be seen over-flowing into the aura; the energetic space surrounding the human body.

The super-sized heart chakra naturally seeks out pain if unattended. It is as if the attraction is intended to aid a chaotic world through the owner’s benevolence. This attraction usually causes empathic people to care for those suffering, and often leads to feelings of guilt if their own life is peaceful. He or she may abandon personal goals and visions to care for others. Even if the empath is struggling in their own life.

Presently, the consciousness of all heart chakras is to expand. Those whom already have an enlarged heart chakra are learning to care for themselves as much as they care for others. Empaths will surly benefit from the word “no”. While non-empaths are learning selflessness, as their beautiful heart chakras grow to reach the knowingness of the stars. In a delicious way, both are teaching each other.

Tips to help empaths stay in their own lane:

  • Instead of making person choices from an awareness of thoughts (sixth chakra), or through feelings (4th chakra), rest your awareness in your feet. Far away from the 4th and 6th chakras.
  • Ask yourself from this new place of awareness, multiple times per day, what do I want? What I’m I feeling?
  • Avoid world drama; the news, scary television shows or movies.
  • Spend time throughout your day in pleasant energy; like the outdoors, or with upbeat positive people.
  • Be kind and nurturing to yourself, always!


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