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Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse – August 2017

Mystic Moment:

I recently ran across information about Forest Bathing; a celebrated Japanese healing modality that requires no hiking, counting steps, or fit bit. Essentially, forest bathing requires all your senses, and very little motor skills, while you bath in the beauty of nature. A dear client of mine has been using forest bathing techniques for over two years. Resulting in fewer doctor visits, reduced lifesaving medication, increased energy, and overwhelming happiness.   For more information, click here for a beautiful article on Forest Bathing.


Energy Pulse:








 The nation’s first total solar eclipse since 1979 will be present on August 21st.  And will be the first to cross from the West Coast to the East Coast since 1918. The 2017 eclipse will cross from Oregon to South Carolina and “the path of totality” along the way will be up to 70 wiles wide…WOW!

This incredible solar eclipse is requiring your attention!  It is an opportunity to receive personal information.  All eclipses have the intention of offering wisdom that has been previously hidden. On the morning of the eclipse rise early and prepare your Being for meditation or perhaps forest bathing (see mystic moment for more information).  Once you are at peace, rest somewhere outside of your mind and ask the Universe, “please provide any information that is in my highest good.”  Take notes as the information may be detailed and not what you expected (we are usually unprepared for hidden messages). For more information on the solar eclipse check out this CNN article.


August 13

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August 13

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