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Ask Marie – August 2017

Dear Marie,
I am energetically sensitive and an empath.  Modern technology is challenging to use.  Touch screens on smartphones & iPads literally cause my fingers to hurt for hours after a handful of taps. Just turning these devices on is very uncomfortable.  Can you please offer a solution for how I can deal with this?  I would love to not let this impact me as much as it does.

Thank you so much!

Hello Valerie,

Thank you for writing in and I am sorry for the discomfort you are having.  When I look at your energy system there seems to be quite a bit of friction with your crown chakra (on top of your head).  This particular chakra governs your central nervous system (along with other aspects of the human form).  What this tells me is that your nervous system can feel like it is on fire.  Perhaps the technology is aggravating your already inflamed nervous system.  Many-times when we recognize a health issue, the thing that brought it to our attention is being blamed when indeed, it is simply bringing something to our attention.

In my mind, this is an inflammatory issue. All health issues initiate in pure energy, as all things are energy.  It would be important to eat foods that lower inflammation.  If you listen to my radio show then you are most likely aware that I am a fan of the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet; the diets ability to reduce inflammation is amazing. However, simply avoiding sugar, alcohol and gluten can do the trick too.

But the most important tool to use that will help build healthy energy for your seventh chakra (and also assist in reducing your inflammation) would be to let the universe love you. This is the primary job of the angelic chakra.  Each day, on each hour, take a few moments and allow your Being to imagine (through creative visualization) a white spinning cone with the point in the center of your scalp. See yourself absorbing beautiful, warm light and allow the visualization to last several minutes.


I am 66. I had miscarriages. Never had children. And then grew a cystadenoma on my left ovary that over twelve years went from 6 to 12 centimeters. To remove it means surrendering my ovary. I would like the cyst to shrink and go away. Can my mind orchestrate that? I created it. Can I dissolve it?


Hello Laura,

You are so adorable. NO! Go have surgery!  This beautiful growth is already too big. The universe has answered you with a well-trained surgeon and a perfectly orchestrated operating room. Of course, you could take the time to do the inner work that you are having difficulty doing and reduce the growth.  However, this will take time and the growth will continue to advance.  Instead, I would highly recommend that you have it removed.  In addition, with its removal, the trapped emotions that have been difficult to release can easily leave that area of your body. This will help you do what is in your best interest; learn to embody the authentic feeling of joy.  This is the natural emotion of the second chakra. When you allow joy to move through your body consistently, I believe that a huge transition of dreams coming true will happen for you. Please begin asking yourself this simple positive ‘what if’ question ten times each day; what if I allow myself to feel joy? After you ask yourself this question, be still in the energy of its curiosity and allow the energy particles in your body to calibrate to a new feeling of joy!


Dear Marie,

I’m struggling as of late with depression and trying to find the source of my sadness and sometimes despair. I often wonder if I am feeling someone else’s sadness?  If you have any insight I would be so appreciate your response.

My best,

Hello Kathleen,

I’m so sorry to hear that you have been fraught with depression.  After reading your question I didn’t instantly know how to respond so I wrote your energy out to get a better idea of how it was flowing.  I noted that six of your seven chakras were leaking out your life source. This amount of release without pulling in energy will not only get you feeling sad but also exhausted.

My overall sense is that you have been busy doing a lot of things that no longer bring you joy.  For whatever reason, you were able to feed your being with energy despite the lack of joy for a long period, but you have reached a tipping point. Something that was motivating you to receive has disappeared. It is now time to feel motivation from true personal inspiration.

I keep seeing pictures of my kids in my head as I think of you. As a mom, I did many things that truly did not bring me personal joy, except falling in love with their joyful faces lighting up from the tasks I performed.  Now that each of my daughters have their own homes and emerging families, I work every day in doing what inspires me personally. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. Exploring the world through your own eyes, ears, and emotions is where you will find joy again.

I can’t say for sure that children are the missing motivation.  If not, then it might be a beloved home, job, partner, or boss. But whatever it is the outside world always changes.  If we measure personal happiness from the external it will eventually disappear. However, your personal enthusiasm of self will always be there.


Hi Marie,

First of all, thank you for all that you do.  Energy work intrigues me and has for a long time.

My dad was diagnosed with ALS back in November.  I have been listening to you for the past couple months at work through your wonderful podcast archives and it helps me stay positive about his diagnosis.

I am just wondering if there is anything you know if that I can do to help his situation.  Should I try to schedule a reading with you?  Is there any approach you’d recommend? We’re located near Cleveland, Ohio and I’m unsure of anyone else that could do a local reading and haven’t had a ton of luck finding a Naturopathic doctor.  Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thanks Sincerely,

Hello Erin,

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. ALS is a difficult diagnosis with limited known helpful treatments.  Your father is a trooper and doing a great job powering through limitations as they pop up, while calming down the family with his positive attitude.

I do believe that the Earth is changing in many positive ways. One change that I see taking effect is more humans are feeling positive about diseases, even the diseases we have not learned how to effectively treat, such as ALS.

This developing effort is helping the Earth realm change perceptions about life, health, and even death.  At any time, we may discover the perfect remedy for ALS, or other life threatening illness. Lately I have noted ease in many clients dealing with serious diseases, or living longer than predicted by their medical team. Once their perception changes, miraculous shifts can take place.

From an energetic perspective, ALS (Lou Gehrig ’s disease) involves two chakras: the seventh and the third. The seventh chakra governs the nervous system, while the third chakra oversees the immune system. The third chakra is all about self-love, while the seventh chakra is about ones’ connection to spirit; truly both chakras are about receiving love.  Love from both the self and the heavens.

A conversation about love and receiving could have a positive effect on your Dad and his health.

I personally believe we are each here for a very short period of time. Whatever time we are here is precious, as is the time we choose to leave. Americans are learning how to live with dying, so that it can be a fortunate experience to transition from physical to light. This is something you are working on.  I wish you and your family incredible love and light.


Hello Marie,

I listened to the podcast from 7/13 and Marie was saying that when we are under the influence of alcohol or drugs we cannot connect with our guides. Well does that include medicine that you’re prescribed? Like antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds? Can you still get messages from them?

Thank you,

Hello Kim,

Not everything is 100% true.  Each person is unique with their own physiological make-up. To communicate with one’s own magnificence (i.e., creation, God, or the universe) one is required to be in the present moment.  Many medications block the present moment experience.  For those who truly need medication to balance their biology, (certainly not the 1 in 6 Americans who currently take antidepressants) then the medication can be helpful. I personally believe that most people who take medication, like antidepressants, don’t really need them.  Nor do I think they are really helpful.  Over time without therapy, people who take antidepressants often need additional prescriptions to be effective.  Even with the additional medications, most people don’t notice a significant change but remain on the antidepressant and deal with the long-term side effects and the challenge of weaning off drug therapy.

I hope this answer is helpful!


Marie, I experience some reluctance now to follow joy as guidance, because I’ve been wildly in love with people and wildly enthusiastic about things that have ended in painful disappointment. I want to clear this pattern of encountering disappointment so I can trust joy and enthusiasm as guidance. I’m curious how to know when “resistance” I am feeling is telling me “this is not ideal for you”, versus when the “resistance” is something blocking me, old patterns that need integration. I’d really like to avoid running into more walls, or banging my head against them when there is a better path. How can I tell the difference between “don’t go this way” feelings and “integrate this to clear it from blocking you”?

Thank you!


Hello Aimie,

Thank you for your thoughtful question! Encountering continued disappointment is a pattern most likely shown to you in childhood by well-meaning adults, who may have experienced their own repeated frustrations.  The energetic vibration of disappointment is low, creating even more unwanted results when it becomes the focus.  The trick is to check in with yourself each time you encounter disappointment, which is lowering your energy. Consciousness happens when we notice a repeated pattern, such as feeling disappointed, and we pause long enough to choose a different response. The next time you experience disappointment, be kind to yourself. You may also find something about the situation to appreciate. If you repeat this a few times then opportunity for a new and better outcome will follow.  In answering your question about knowing when something is good for you, the feeling you’re really looking for is calm, not exuberant.


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